My Braccos and nutrition

Finding the right nutrition for a Bracco Italiano can be a laborious quest. When a Bracco doesn't tolerate a certain type of feed, it can cause all kinds of problems like: an itching rash, diarrhoea, insufficient weight gain and loss of fur, even outside moulting season. Because I am not being sponsored by any dog food manufacturer, I was free to try out many different types and brands of dog food. I always did this in cooperation with my vet, who examined the calcium/phosphor balance. The right balance is very important for young dogs. But whichever dry dog food I tried, I never was completely happy with the result. That is why I switched to feeding my dogs natural feed, made up from fresh, raw components.

No more complaints

Feeding natural feed has some disadvantages. But most of these concern the dog owner and not the dog. It is laborious and expensive and you need a lot of freezing space. I had to buy a couple of freezers especially for my dog food. But despite these barriers I never regretted switching to natural feed. My dogs don't suffer from diarrhoea anymore, they don't develop rashes and they look firm and healthy, not fat, but muscular. If you are interested in feeding natural feed, I am more than happy to share my experiences with you.