27-09-2016 †Matilde (top), Promessa (centre) en Isotta
27-09-2016 †Matilde (top), Promessa (centre) en Isotta
19-11-2015: Trento international working champion, photo: ENCI
26-08-2015: Puppies Isotta turn nine today
13-08-2015: Trento keeps on winning
13-08-2015: Aldo BOB
22-02-2015: Dumalee in Andalusia
05-12-2014: Macchia dell 'Oltrepò
05-12-2014: Danilo Rebaschio and Dumalee


13-09-2013: Matilde is steadily growing
07-09-2013: Bepe trebisonda
06-08-2013: Aldo becomes International Working Champion
30-06-2013: Finishing the Pieterpad: Ilonne came along
06-05-2013: Lisa parttime in Kleine Huisjes
18-04-2013: Ilonne: 1961 - 2013
22-01-2013: Delizia no longer with us
06-12-2012: Delizia seriously ill
26-09-2012: B-certificate for Lisa














21-11-2010: Sam, 2003-2010


30-09-2010: Matilde turns one


12-09-2010: Roma, 1999 - 2010














05-12-2016: Greetings from Germany: Friedrich and Rocco

The Techau family sent us a wonderful picture of their six months old son Friedrich being guarded by Rocco (Neimar dei Vicini del Monastero, Dumalee x Trento), on Friedrich's sleeping mat. The two are best companions and it is clear that Rocco has found an excellent home and warm home at the Techau's.

27-09-2016: Farewell to Isotta, Promessa and Matilde

During our time offline, we sadly had to say our final goodbyes to three of our beloved Vicini-braccos. It was an unfortunate coincidence that they were dogs from three generations from the same line. Isotta died on the respectable age of 12. The past couple of years she had lived with our friend Lammy. Promessa, Isotta's daughter and Matilde, Promessa's daughter, were put to sleep after a short but severe illness.

18-09-2016: Back online

Not much has been happening on the website. We had some problems with hard- and software. But it seems that everything is under control. From now on we will work hard again to report any news about and around our kennel.

01-01-2016: Happy New Year

We wish everyone a happy New Year, in good health and full with exciting challenges.

19-11-2015: Trento international working champion

During the field trials that are held in Zara, Croatia, Trento earned a CACIT and became international working champion. An incredible effort for trainer Danilo Rebaschio and Trento, who is only two years old. Trento was rewarded his qualification during a barrage against Archimede di Cascina Croce, led by trainer Vinicio Tognolo. Dumalee did also well, she was rewarded a third place excellent.

26-08-2015: Puppies Isotta turn nine today

Isotta's Puppies turn nine today. We congratulate all the pups and their owner, who live spread over The Netherlands and Europe, with this birthday and the respectable age their boy or girl has reached.

13-08-2015: Excellent field trial results for Trento and Dumalee

The field trial season has thus far resulted in excellent accomplishments by Trento and Dumalee. Last week Trento came out a winner in two events: on August 11 at the Ceresole Alba trial (ECC CAC) and on August 7 at Piana Crixia (ECC CAC). During this trial Dumalee showed some excellent work which earned her the runner up spot with an ECC res. CAC.
The ongoing excellent performance by Trento and the graceful way in which he works, reveals the excellent genes he inherited from his parents Aldo and Michelle (owned by fam. Forcati)
The driving force behind the brilliant performances of Trento and Dumalee, has been the knowledge and effort of Danilo Rebaschio, who always manages to motivate his dogs to go above and beyond.

13-08-2015: Aldo Best of Breed on SABI Raduno

The field trial season has thus far resulted in excellent accomplishments by Trento and Dumalee. Last week Trento came out a winner in two events: on August 11 at the Ceresole Alba trial (ECC CAC) and on August 7 at Piana Crixia (ECC CAC). During this trial Dumalee showed some excellent work which earned her the runner up spot with an ECC res. CAC.
The ongoing excellent performance by Trento and the graceful way in which he works, reveals the excellent genes he inherited from his parents Aldo and Michelle (owned by fam. Forcati)
The driving force behind the brilliant performances of Trento and Dumalee, has been the knowledge and effort of Danilo Rebaschio, who always manages to motivate his dogs to go above and beyond.

22-02-2015: Fantastic training in Spain

It has become a tradition: the annual winter training in Spain. This year too, we met up with Danilo Rebaschio in Andalusia, for a week of training in the vast fields jam-packed with red legged partridge. Aldo, Trento and Dumalee showed the beautiful work we have become used to. For our Pamela and Dea, owned by travel companion Brigitte, It was an introduction with serious field-work.

05-12-2014: Three new residents in Kleine Huisjes

Lately, it has become busier at Vicini del Monastero. The group has been expanded with three young bitches: Pamela, Macchia and Atena dell 'Oltrepò, who are going to take their first careful steps in the surrounding fields. We hope that the three newcomers have a wonderful field-trialing future ahead of them.

05-12-2014: Dumalee and Aldo: success in Croatia

Good news from Zara, Croatia. AT international field trials, Dumalee and Aldo showed their talent and shape. Aldo was successful on the trial on December 2. He became first ECC, CAC reserve CACIT. Two days later Dumalee showed a promising result. She made a beautiful point, but wasn't awarded with an ECC due to a somewhat impetuous finish. She ended up with the qualification CQN (predicate natural talent). Both Dumalee and Aldo were led by trainer Danilo Rebaschio, who has an enormous part in the success of both dogs.

06-09-2014: Bepe and Barri, new field trial talents

The start of the autumn field trial season has been a great opportunity for Matilde's puppies Barri and Bepe and their owners Chris and Marcel, to show that the training in the field has paid off. Both dogs showed inspired and motivated runs. For Bepe and Marcel it resulted in a honorable mention (Retranchement 5-9) and a first place Very Good (Ouwerkerk 6-9). It seems that International and Italian working champion Bepe Trebisonda has done a good job passing on his genes.

16-02-2014: Lovely training week in Andalucía

Bad weather and tough conditions were the order of the day during a week long stay in Andalucia. Invited by Danilo Rebaschio, we (Brigitte, Lammy and Marieke) walked the field and got the opportunity to train our dogs over the still abundant red legged partridges. Despite the conditions we enjoyed the work of our own dogs and of the wonderful dogs Danilo had brought. Click here for a photo report.

18-10-2013: Aldo international work champion

Today we received the confirmation of something we already knew: an official document stating that Aldo has earned the title of international working champion. Danilo Rebaschio deserves most of the credits. He has trained Aldo in the past year.

30-09-2013: Happy birthday Matilde

She has been a bit busy lately, but we haven't forgotten that Matilde turns four today, as are her sisters and brothers. Everyone a very happy birthday!

28-09-2013: Matilde has given birth

Yesterday 10.00 pm exactly, Matilde gave birth to her first puppy. Early Saturday morning the score is eight: four males and four females. It looks like Matilde isn't yet done welping. Check out Matilde's progress on her blog.

25-09-2013: Matilde tests her welpingbox

Matilde is nearly ready. If everything goes to plan, she'll give birth to her puppies this weekend. The 'kist van Klaas' is ready to welcome Matilde and her litter. Matilde tried out this great welpingbox and gave it her seal of approval. It will be her home for the next couple of weeks.

13-09-2013: Matilde growing steadily

Matilde is doing very well. With a little more than two weeks to go, she is growing steadily. Before she will give birth, we will start a weblog in which we will report about Matilde's progress.

07-09-2013: Matilde pregnant

Matilde is pregnant. We expect the litter to be born by the end of September. The father of the puppies is Bepe Trebisonda, a sire with excellent working qualities. Bepe has a very good nose and mentality and is always focused, when in the field. This has earned him an impressive track record, with an international and Italian working championship. Recently he won the Trofeo Canossa, a prestigious prize in the Italian field trial community.

06-08-2013: Aldo international working champion

Aldo's excellent results during his first year in the field trial circuit, have earned him the title international working champion. With Danilo Rebaschio he added a couple more victories to his list, during a five-day trial, held from August 1 to August 5 in Plana Crixia, near the Ligurian coast. On the first day the combination became first (ecc, CACT). Another first place followed on day three (ecc). Rebaschio and Aldo finished off with a carbon copy of the result on day one. Again the first place was rewarded with an ecc and a CACT.

06-08-2013: Pietro wins in Terni

Rommert Hazenberg and Pietro were succesful on the fields around the Italian town of Terni, during the field trials that were held on July 20 and 21. The combination was rewarded with a first place (eccelente) on the trial on day one. On the second day Pietro and Rommert managed a second place (very good). All in all a very good result.

30-06-2013: Ilonne came along

A part of Ilonne's heritage is her quest to walk the Pieterpad, a well known walking route from the north to the south of the country. Ilonne did the walk with her sister in law Hedy. And when Ilonne died the walk hadn't been completed. Wessel and Hedy thought it was a good tribute to Ilonne to complete the walk together. I had the honour to be invited to come along on two stages. Steady walking companion Lisa was accompanied by Pipi. We look back on two wonderful days, filled with enjoyment of the scenery and most of all the wonderful memories we shared. Ilonne came along every step of the way. Read more about Wessel's and Hedy's walk on ilonenhedy.reismee.nl (in Dutch)

30-06-2013: Pietro winner on BIC clubmatch

Pietro dei Vicini del Monastero have won the clubmatch, organised by the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club (BIC). Pietro, owned by Rommert Hazenberg, became best male in the contest, judged by Salvatore Tripoli and went on to win the overall title. Best bitch was Londra dell'Oltrepo, owned by Casper Knippenborg. We congratulate both winners with their success.

06-05-2013: parttime care for Lisa

After Ilonne's death, family and friends have the difficult task to try and pick up normal life. Ilonne's husband Wessel works offshore. The dogs Lisa and Naughty will be living at another address for the periods that Wessel is at sea. When choosing those addresses Ilonnes wishes came first. Wessel chose Kleine Huisjes as parttime address for Lisa. We are very happy with this choice. Not only because we are sure that this is what Ilonne wanted, but also because Lisa knows our place and feels right at home here. 18-year old beagle Naughty has found a warm nest at Ilonne's friend and neighbour Yvonne.

18-04-2013: Ilonne taken away from us

One moment you are happily telling about a wonderful qualification with your Lisa, the next moment you are gone. Sunday April 14 Ilonne passed away. This horrible tiding came completely unexpected. Only weeks earlier Ilonne told us about Lisa getting second place in a big retrieving trial. No one could talk about her dogs with as much fire and passion as Ilonne did. They were her everything and she went through fire and water for them. In sickness and in health, they had a wonderful life with her. Ilonne always enjoyed the moment -though she sometimes worried- , that is how we will remember her: enjoying her dogs, her cottage in Sweden and all the short and longer outings. How do you let someone like Ilonne go? You can't and you don't. But we will learn a lesson from her untimely death. Let's live like Ilonne: 'Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow an live today!' We wish her husband Wessel, her family and other friends all the strength in the world to understand and cope with this unimaginable loss. Rest in peace dear friend, you are together with your Verdell and Roma. We will never forget you.

22-01-2013: Delizia passed away

Delizia is no longer with us. Last October she was diagnosed with an inoperable liver tumor which grew steadily. Above expectation Delizia adapted well to the situation. She kept her uplifted spirit and she didn't seem to suffer from any big discomfort or pain. The past days however this all changed. Delizia had trouble eating and had a very hard time getting up and moving around. For us this was the signal to make the impossible decision to have her put to sleep, so we would spare her the unbearable suffering that inevitably comes with the decease. Delizia had a special place in the group and with us. She was a leader who never had to show any sign of agression to have the upper hand. Besides she was a talented gundog, able to find and point birds and a great retriever in any terrain and on water. But most of all she was a great companion to us and our guests. We miss her terribly and we will never forget her.

06-12-2012: Delizia seriously ill

Our Delizia is seriously ill. Some time ago we visited the vet, because Delizia looked bloated. Egidius Wientjes examined her and found a large liver tumor which filled her rib cage. He concluded that is not possible to operate this tumor. after this devastating news we were convinced that it would be a matter of days before we had to put her to sleep. Nearly two months later Delizia is still with us. She is happy, hungry and full of life. Physically she is changing, but mentally she still enjoys being around us. The past couple of weeks she has even been on several hunting trips doing what she likes best. She is still fullfilling her role of gentle leader of the group. We hope that we can enjoy Delizia's company for some more time.

26-09-2012: autumn: good results in the field

The Vicini-braccos and braccos of friends of Vicini have been active in different field activities in the field. During the field trial held by the Bracco Italiano-club in Eexterveen on September 20, Promessa did well, earning an honorable mention. At the field trial held in Nieuwe Pekela on September 22, Pietro and Rommert Hazenberg earned the qualification 2nd Good. During a retrieving test held in Lauwersoog on September 22, Lisa and Vicini-friend Ilonne did well. It resulted in a B-certificate for Lisa.Vicini congratulates everyone with a job well done!

02-09-2012: international Bracco-meeting and CACIB-show in Ostbevern, Germany

From 12 to 14 October, the fourth international Bracco Italiano-meeting will be held in Ostbevern, Germany. During this event bracco-enthusiasts can participate in workshops on field work and hunting and have their bracco compete in an international CACIB-show, held on the last day of the gathering. The event is organised by Harald Koska. Hotel accommodation or camping places can be arranged. To apply for the meeting, fill out one of the documents below.

  1. programme
  2. online application meeting
  3. print application meeting
  4. online application show
  5. print application show

12-06-2012: Dumalee born

Last week Promessa has given birth to a single puppy, a bitch that we call Dumalee. Mother and puppy are doing well. Dumalee is the result of the combination Promessa and Agamennone di Cascina Croce. A couple of weeks after the mating the ultrascan didn’t show any life in Promessa’s womb. We were very surprised when Promessa produced a lively and healthy little girl. Promessa has totally committed herself to motherhood.

27-03-2012: third place Pietro, Trofeo Massimo Scheggi

Rommert Hazenberg and Pietro have scored a beautiful result at the field trial Trofeo Massimo Scheggi, held in Lajatico, Italy. Pietro showed some very nice work which resulted in a solid point. This earned him the qualification Excellent and third place. Vicini wants to congratulate Rommert and Pietro with this spectacular result. First place(CAC) went to Vento di Cascina Croce and Mr. Tirotti. Res. CAC went ot Mister di Cascina Croce and Mr. Mancanelli.

02-10-2011: happy birthday puppies Promessa

On September 30 Promessa's puppies had their second birthday. All puppies are doing well. Promessa's babies have had a great first two years, with excellent hip- and elbow-scores for all of them and with some of them already showing great potential in the field. Only a week ago Marlotta and Matilde proved their talent in the Westernieland field trial. Marlotta won the youth trial and received an Excellent. Matilde also scored, she received the qualification Good.

02-10-2011: Genta, 2003 - 2011

From Zuid-Holland we received very sad tidings. Hanne and Don told us that their beloved Genta (Carlotta dei Vicini del Monastero) had died on July 12. Genta was eight years old. We wish Hanne and Don all the strength they'll need in coping with this terrible loss.

20-09-2011: Rivana del Monte Alago: 1998 - 2011

Yesterday Paolo Poggio had to make the incredible difficult decision to have his beloved Rivana put to sleep. Rivana was a household name in the world of the Bracco Italiano. Many experts of the breed thought that she was the most beautiful bracco that ever lived. Rivana was born in 1998. She would have become thirteen years old in December. We wish Paolo lots of strength in coping with this enormous loss.

04-09-2011: Field trial BIC: success for Marlotta

The anual young dog field trial held by the Bracco Italiano Club in the fields around Retranchement in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, was a success for Marlotta and handler Brigitte de Vries. The duo finished the trial with a first place. Marlotta was impressive in the field, with a concentrated and very accurately performed run, which was rewarded with the qualification Good, by field judge Cor Woets. This result was the perfect ending to an enjoyable and professional event. The organisation would like to thank the land-owners and the hunting syndicate Dossche for making all the participants feel very welcome.

30-06-2011: Raduno Caldes

Very hot, hospitable, a great atmosphere, lovely food and a perfect organisation. This pretty well sums up the Raduno that was held in Caldes in the Italian province of Trento. A large number of bracco-tifosi were invited by the Manfroni family, who took out all the stops to make this event a success. The days were filled with instruction on showing and training in the mountains, to check out the natural hunting ability of the participating dogs. The braccos were also judged by a number of repubable judges, who have been judging braccos in the field and on shows for many years. The friendly and constructive way in which they judged the dogs, was very educational. As were the other parts of the raduno. Besides learning and having fun with many bracco-friends from all over the world, there also was success for the Vicini-dogs. Promessa did very well. She received the qualification best bitch of the entire field. This earned her a CAC. Matilde and Marlotta both received an excellente, as did Ezzo, th bracco of travelling companion Harald Koska.

21-04-2011: ‘x-ray-party’ for Promessa’s pups

Promessa’s pups have reached the age of one and a half years and are old enough now to have their hips and elbows x-rayed. On April 18 all the owners and their dogs got together for an ‘x-ray-party’ at veterinary hospital Hopmans in Roden. Specialist Egidius Wientjes made the x-rays and took the time to explain the procedure and show the difference between healthy joints and ED-elbows and HD-hips. It is now up to the Kennel Club to judge the photos. After the get together in Roden, the owners and their dogs set course for Lauwersoog for a long walk. The day was ended with food, drinks and more bracco-talk in a sunny Kleine Huisjes.

12-03-2011: excellent field trial performance Marlotta

Again a good result for a Vicini-bracco in the field. This time Marlotta and Brigitte had a good run at the youth field trial held in Tilburg on April 9. Brigitte and Marlotta had an excellent run and finished the trial with a first place and the qualification Good.

29-03-2011: Pietro earns CAC in Italian field trial

Pietro and Rommert Hazenberg have achieved a fantastic result in Italy. Not only did they come first in their part of a prestigious field trial, they also did it in great style by being awarded with an ECC (excellent) and a CAC. Pietro and his handler earned praise with a steady point on difficult terrain, followed by an excellent display of restraint and handling skills. Judge Perani was convinced and honoured the duo with the highest qualification possible. In his report Perani praised the beautiful run and the natural trot, the breed-typical elegance and the beautiful head posture of Pietro. He was also full of praise for Pietro’s ability to pick up scent in a difficult wind-situation. We congratulate Rommert with this unique achievement. It is the first time that a Dutch bred bracco achieves this result in Italy.

03-01-2011: a birthday present for Romeo

A belated birthday wish for all brothers and sisters of Delizia and their owners. Giulia’s offspring turned six yesterday. And of course for all visitors to our site, the very best wishes for 2011. Ralph Minnitte from Nevada sent us the proof that he celebrated Romeo’s birthday in style. Romeo was treated to a day doing what he likes best: a chucker hunt. The hunt was successful, as Romeo and Ralph reached their limit of six chucker with ease.

13-12-2010: Galina: 1998 - 2010

During her lifetime of twelve years, Galina has never been ill. We were sure that she would live forever. But that wasn’t the case. Our always healthy Galine became ill yesterday and died just one day later. Galina wasn’t just a healthy dog, she was also an excellent gundog: she loved water and was a fabulous retriever. Galina was a faithful companion and as she grew older, she became mellower and kinder. She was a dependable factor in the group and we will miss her dearly.

02-12-2010: Sylvia Brinkman deceased

This morning we heard the sad news that Sylvia Brinkman had died after a short but severe illness. Sylvia was a regular guest in Kleine Huisjes. She always helped us with our correspondence and contacts with Italian friends and she lent a hand during the first weeks of Isotta’s and Promessa’s litters. Sylvia, who taught the Italian language and history, lived in Groningen with her bracco Giulia Locatelli. We will miss her dearly and we wish her relatives much strength in coping with this loss.

21-11-2010: Sam: 2003-2010

Yesterday we received sad tidings. Debby Filius from Maassluis called to tell us that their Sam (Italo dei Vicini del Monastero) had been put to sleep after a brief but violent illness. Sam was seven years old. He was a companion of the whole family and he had stolen the hearts of nearly everyone in the neighbourhood. He will be dearly missed. We wish Debby, Wim and the childrens all the strength they need in coping with this immense loss.

01-10-2010: Klaas Hindriks deceased

A feeling of anger and sadness came over us when we heard that Klaas Hindriks was suffering from a terminal illness. His death on September 28 was an enormous blow: mean, unjust and unimaginable. Klaas was our mentor, our inspiration and above all our friend. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge of training dogs, working with dogs and hunting in general. And he was always eager to pass on this wealth of knowledge. Every day in the field, during a hunt or a field trial, was a feast. His energy and indestructible sense of humour were contagious. The untimely death of Klaas left a void with his big circle of friends and above all with his wife Annie, his children Petra, Ellen, Jan Willem and Sietse and his grandchildren. Today on the day of the funeral, the loss is still incomprehensible.We wish them all the strength they will need to cope with this enormous loss. Klaas was a constant and very welcome factor in our lives. We will never forget him and we will cherish the many dear memories of our wonderful friend.

30-09-2010: first birthday puppies Promessa

Promessa’s puppies are having their first birthday today. We wish all brothers and sisters of Matilde and their owner a very happy birthday!

20-09-2010: Field trial Eexterveen: wet fields prevent qualifications

The heavy showers of the past couple of days had made the sugar beet-fields around Eexterveen even less accessible than usual. The pheasants moved to dryer grounds which they found on the neighbouring patato-fields. Despite the difficult circumstances quite a few of the competing dogs found birds. Due to the water on the field however, it was next to impossible to fixate the birds. This trial in the open class, which was organised by the Bracco Italiano Club last Saturday, ended without qualifications and only one horourable mention, for the Dutch partridge dog and his handler Klaas de Vries. He received the ‘Woeste Wal’-trophy.

12-09-2010: Roma has passed away

Only a day after the happiness of the field trials we got very sad news. Ilonne called to tell us that she had taken the very difficult decision to have Roma put to sleep on September 9. Roma had been very ill for a while and couldn't go on anymore. She was 11 years old. From the moment Roma was part of Ilonne's household, she had Verdell as a companion, who passed away last year. Two years ago Lisa joined the group. Roma and Lisa had been close companions until the end. We wish Ilonne all the very best with coping with this great loss and we are sure that there is comfort in the thought that Roma had a wonderful life.

10-09-2010: field trials: triple Vicini-succes

This autumn's field trial season couldn't have started better for Vicini. No less than three dogs from the Vicini-stables finished their first trial with excellent results. In Retranchement in Zeeland Matilde and Hidalgo di Cacciola (breeder M. de Palmenaer) who lives in Kleine Huisjes, finished first and second with a Very Good and a Good-qualification. The quality of the bracco as a working dog was emphasised during this junior trial, organised by the Bracco Italiano Club, by an honourable mention for bracco Flint, owned by Jeroen and Jeannot Lohman. Thanks to the wonderful fields of Jan-Arie and the other members of the local hunting syndicate and judge Cor Woets, the trial was a great success for all participants and spectators.

In Haamstede (Zeeland) there was success for Pietro who won the field trial in the open class with the qualification Very Good.

15-08-2010: upcoming field trials: wanted, young braccos

Only a couple of weeks to go before the autumn field trial season takes off. Cracks and a growing number of newcomers are warming up for the season. They can’t wait to see their and other braccos strutting their stuff, head up high and looking for game in the sugar beets. This is what the breed was intended for. Like last year the Bracco Italiano Club (BIC) is one of the organising breed-societies. Because last year’s events were very successful, the owners of the venues in Eexterveen and Retranchement have again allowed the BIC to use their fields for a field trial in the open class in Eexterveen on September 18 and a trial especially for junior dogs on September 8 in Retranchement. With the opening of the signing in, the list of contenders filled in a couple of days. For the junior field trial the organisers are still looking for new bracco-owners who want to compete with their ex-puppy. Many owners are apprehensive about sending their young bracco out in the field for the first time. A junior field trial is the perfect place to gain experience and get tips and advice about working your bracco.

03-06-2010: Pietro BOB in Bennekom

Pietro dei Vicini del Monastero, owned by Rommert Hazenberg, did very well during the bi-annual hunting-dog show in Bennekom. The event was held on May 30 in the gardens of castle Hoekelum, where Austrian judge mrs. Jamer chose Pietro as best of breed out of a lineup of nine braccos. With this result Pietro gathered the points that were necessary to become Dutch champion. Unfortunately Pietro wasn’t selected in the final four for either group seven or the final working dog selection.

19-02-2010: Duca is dead

Yesterday we received the very sad tiding that Duca di Cascina Croce is dead. Duca lived a life like no other bracco in The Netherlands. His first five years were spent with Arie van Engelenhoven in Ostia near Rome and with trainer Vinicio Tognolo, where he was prepared for hunting and field trials. Duca was a real working talent, with an incredibly beautiful natural trot. At five years Duca moved to Kleine Huisjes where he lived with us. He soon got used to his place in the warm kitchen and to 'his' girls who all loved him to bits. Duca was a sweetheart, a dog with a sense of humor. Above all he was an inspiration for all the dogs around him, who learned from him how to hunt and work with unbridled passion. His last years were spent with Ineke and Dick in Friesland. Here he found a loving home and a family who took him for long daily walks in the surrounding fields. in his old age he became a 'waterdog' who loved to spend the holidays on Ineke and Dick's boat, together with bracco Pascal. Duca was eleven years old. We will dearly miss our old friend and we especially wish Ineke and Dick all the strength to cope with this enormous loss.

17-02-2010: training with Let

an extra obedience training won't hurt. So Matilde was allowed to join brother Luca and sister Marlotta in the class given by Let Stevens in Zeist. Apart from the educational value of the morning, the re-acquaintance with fellow litter members and owners Brigitte and Ulli, made the trip more than worthwhile.

09-02-2010: Matilde officially socialized

It has been a busy day for Matilde. When she got home tonight she ran to her bed where she immediately fell asleep against mommy Promessa. After her first visit to the swimming pool this morning, Matilde had her final lesson in the puppy course. Like all the other participating puppies, she walked away with a certificate showing that she is now officially socialized.

16-12-2009: Quinta is dead: 1997-2009

Today we had to make the tough decision to put Quinta to sleep. We are very sad about this, but we are happy that Quinta was spared the agony of enduring suffering. Yesterday evening Quinta had enough of life. She didn’t want to move from her bed and resisted against every movement. Quinta had given up. She had given us the sign that it had been enough. Quinta was never the picture of health. She actually was a walking billboard of everything that could be physically wrong with a bracco. But it never bothered her. She compensated her physical shortcomings with an incredible lust for life. Even when she got older her positive attitude helped her to be the leader of the pack. A gentle leader who only needed to give a look or a quiet growl to reinstate order in the pack. Even though we never worked with Quinta, she was always an asset to the group. As a self-declared surrogate mother she taught puppies from four litters the dog language. She was stubborn, hard on herself, but gentle and outgoing to visitors in Kleine Huisjes. Quinta had a special place in our household. She had her private moments of play end she was the only one allowed a place on the couch in the living room. Quinta, despite your limitations, you lived life to the full. We will miss you with all our hearts. Thanks for the wonderful moments you have given us.

16-12-2009: Verdell passed away

It is a tragic day for old braccos in The Netherlands. Just when we were starting to realize that Quinta won’t be with us anymore, we received the sad tiding that Verdell was also put to sleep today. Verdell, who lived with our friend Ilonne, wasn’t a healthy bracco. Ilonne sometimes called him the bracco with nine lives, who always bounced back. Verdell’s bad health didn’t deter him and Ilonne from being successful in hunting trials and in real hunts. Verdell loved life, and Ilonne made sure that he had everything he needed, and more. We know that losingf Verdell has hit Ilonne like a brick. We wish her well with coping with this tragic loss.

11-11-2009: Quinta 12, 'still going strong'

It is Quinta's twelfth birthday today. Despite her physical limitations and her respectable age, she is still going strong as leader of the pack. The pups know her well as the grumpy old lady who rules firmly but fairly. With a growl and a lip she puts them on their place. Quinta, many happy returns and please stay with us for another couple of years!

04-11-2009: St. Hubert: Delizia blessed

Delizia received a blessing on St. Hubert’s day, November 3, during the traditional St. Hubert mass in Brabant, in the south of the Country. Marieke and Delizia were invited to join this traditional ritual, by Nettie and Theo Peters. After the service, hunters and their dogs gathered for a day in the field. The hunters had lunch in the beautiful old Hertog Jan-brewery. Nettie and Theo, many thanks for this wonderful experience and for your warm hospitality.

St. Hubert is the patron saint of hunters. According to legend avid hunter Hubert was converted after he had followed a giant deer with a cross between its antlers. The deer summoned him to dedicate his life to the Christian faith. St. Hubert is said to have performed many miracles during his life.

28-10-2009: film-clips on bracco-kennel.nl

For the first time since we started our website, we have been busy with moving images. Through our , you can click to a page with film-clips of the pups in their first weeks. Our initiative with video, for which we thank Marijke (photo) who made the first clip, will in future also be probably be getting a follow-up in the shape of a page with film-clips of field-trials, training and hunting. Keep an eye on our site for more news later.

06-10-2009: check out the pups on the Bracco-Blog

They are nearly a week old. And every day enough happens with the ten pups and Promessa, to give a regular update on the weblog. It is not to difficult to find things to write about and take pictures of. That is why it is worthwile to bookmark the Bracco-Blog and check out Promessa and her offspring every day. We promise to update the blog every day.

05-10-2009: Stadskanaal: excellent for Pietro

Pietro and Rommert Hazenberg have won the field trial in Stadskanaal, last Saturday. In the open class judge Peter Eering rewarded them with a first place Excellent, which is a very good achievement. Our good friend Klaas Hindriks did also well. With his small Münsterlander Bente he scored a qualification and was placed second. At the field trial in Hoofdplaat, Jeroen Lohman and Flint redeemed themselves for their performance of last week. They were given an honourable mention by judge Cor Woets.