04-12-2013: Last posting

All the puppies are acclimatising in their new homes. Agata stays here, but for her too, a lot has changed. Gone are the brothers and sisters she could play with and find support at. Fortunately the grownups have taken her in the group and look after her. Agata feels confident. She is one of the team. And when we don't put her in her bench, she prefers to sleep on the large dog bed, together with mommy Matilde. This is the last posting on this blog. It will stay online though. In a couple of weeks time, we will open seperate pages for all puppies in which we will show pictures we receive from the new owners. Many thanks to all of you who have taken the effort to follow us on this blog!

02-12-2013: Bepe explores the garden

A short note from Strijen: Bepe is doing well, feeling right at home in his new environment. His 'big brother' Duce is slowly getting interested in the little bundle of energy racing around in his house. Meanwhile Bepe is getting used to his new territory, which also includes the garden.

01-12-2013: An then there was one

After Bepe had left, Agata was the only remaining puppy. That is, not counting Trento who loved to play with the puppies and who is great friends with Agata. Her first night alone in a bench went very well. Agata slept until six, when we had to get up. After that she slept a little more to be fit again for a day exploring and playing with playmate Trento.

20:00: Goodbye Bepe

A few moments ago, Bepe (brown collar) has left with his new owner Marcel, to his new home in Strijen. Bepe will grow up in a true field trial environment. We will follow his exploits with great interest.

30-11-2013: Vaccinations

Week nine is the time for the second vaccination. Chris and Rijna let us know that their Barri also had the second shots. Barri feels right at home in his new environment. He also attended his first puppy course.

29-11-2013: Amelia of Austria

As from tomorrow we'll have two puppies left. Little Amelia (orange collar) met her new owners today: Sara and Gregor Gösselberger. Amelia will leave very early tomorrow for her new home in Austria.

27-11-2013: Huego and Lotte

Huego is making a lot of friends in his new home in Koblenz. Isabella, Harald and the kids, love him to bits and 'uncle' Matteo is making the first attempts to accept the little guy. But Huego's best friend is without a doubt Lotte, the pug that took an instant liking to the little rascal.

26-11-2013: Appia: at home in Ostfilderen

Appia is right at home in Ostfilderen. On her way home Ingrid already noticed that she was very comfortable. Once home Appia checked her new surroundings and took possesion of her bed and toys.

25-11-2013: Joe runs the show

Basco-Joe feels right at home with Lydia, Hendrik and their four girls, in Oldehove. The backyard is his domain. He rules the show their. Even at bigger dogs he makes clear that he is a force to reckoned with.

24-11-2013: Ciao Appia

Little Appia (pink collar) has found a loving home near Stuttgart with Ingrid Kreitmeier and her husband. Ingrid is an avid hunter who would love to learn more about working a Bracco Italiano in the traditional way. We think that Appia is the perfect companion for this.

23-11-2013: Er heißt Huego

Four years after picking up their first Vicini bracco Matteo (dark blue collar), the Depre family came over to pick up their puppy: Brego. In his home in Koblenz he'll be called Huego.

22-11-2013: Barri and Tinus

Barri (Bairon, black collar) arrived in Dordrecht yesterday, at Chris and Rijna van Holland. Bracco Tinus prefers to look the other way, but Chris is sure that it will be ok with some extra love and attention.

21-11-2013: Sleeping with beagles

Little Ambra is feeling right at home at home in Rotterdam with her new owner Corry and her beagles. She soon found her place in the pack and in her new home. 'In the house she growled a little at those new dogs, but outside she saw them mostly as support.'

20-11-2013: A bracco-puppy amidst spinones

Little Matilde has been lovingly welcomed by Maria and Lars. Their spinones have also welcomed this shorthaired rascal in their midst. Her new best friend is Elmo, the ten month old spinone who loves to play with Matilde.

19-11-2013: Basco-Joe, in Oldehove

Basco (purple collar) got reacquainted with his owners Lydia and Hendrik, in their home in Oldehove. Basco will be called Basco-Joe, or Joe in short. A bit shy at first, Joe soon felt at home and did some exploring before falling asleep in his crate under the watchful eyes of Lydia and her babysitter child Jan.

23:00: Lots of love from Schiedam

A note from Marijke in Schiedam: "Just a note to let you know that all is well here. Mirto has overcome the first shock and is adjusting well. He ignores Tullio and gives and unconvincing growls when puppy comes too near. The cats seem to think 'great, another one'. So all is as it should be. Tullio is making friends and fans in the neighbourhood. I take him out for short walks and bring the cart for him, which he hops in when he gets tired. We couldn't be happier with the progress."

22:00: Aida goes to Rotterdam

One of the four remaining puppies, has left Kleine Huisjes tonight. Aida (yellow collar) has moved to Rotterdam to live with Corry van Herk.

18-11-2013: Feathery competition

The puppies have it a little quieter, now they are with just eight. Feeding is more comfortable too, as there is more room around the bowl. The chickens have noticed this too. They gather around the bowl and steal some meat whenever they get the chance. After that they hurry back to their temporary garden den, as the puppies have discovered that it is fun to pick a feather from those big feathery bowls.

17:00: Puppy number two to Germany

Antea (grey collar) has left with Maria and Lars Püllenberg to their home in Grossefehn in Germany, where they breed spinones. Maria and Lars will call their Anthea Matilde after her mother.

17-11-2013: And then there were nine

It has been a busy weekend. Lots of friends came and went and two of them stayed. Marijke was a wonderful foster mother for the puppies. And Wil is staying with us to help out during the last week the puppies are with us. Marijke left this morning, taking her Banco (light blue collar). He will become Mirto's companion in Schiedam.

14-11-2013: Walking the dog

The puppies are too young for a daily walk on the leash. This doesn't deter Marijke who has brought a doggy cart, a sort of pram that doubles as a small trailer behind a bike. The puppies love being taken for a ride. They have the comfort of the company and a cosy blanket, and they can enjoy the scenery.

16:00: Car ride

An important part of socialisation is getting acquainted with the world outside our garden fence. Taking a couple of dogs in the car is always an adventure. Some of them just cuddle up and take a nap, while others are mesmerised by the landscape whizzing past. After half an hour in the car, the new experiences take their toll. The puppies are very tired and take a long sleep, even though they hadn't had any physical effort to speak of.

13-11-2013: A bird

Marijke is very busy with the socialisation of the puppies. A part of the process is introducing the youngsters to a dead bird. We used a dead magpie that we found in our garden last winter. It is interesting to observe how differently the puppies react to the bundle of feathers. Some run around it playfully, while others grab hold and carry it around.

13-11-2013: Far and away

There is still a lot to explore for the puppies. It is very interesting to observe them when they are in our garden. Quite a few of them have found the path to the back of our garden between the trees and shrubbery. They have discovered a whole new world of exciting challenges behind our first garden gate.

10-11-2013: Judgement day

A big day for us and the puppies. Carry and Ad Baijens came over for a visit and to judge the puppies. Carry and Ad are pointing dog experts and Ad is a field trial judge. Using the puppies as an example, Ad gave a lecture on the mechanics of the pointing dog, explaining movement and ideal body types. Quite a few of the puppies recieved a thumbs up from the well respected judge.

21:00: Laundry regime

The pups are playing outside more and more. This means that they don't do their business in their den that often. It is however, still a top priority to keep the puppy-den spic-and-span. This means doing the laundry three times daily. The puppies have already found our washing quarters. For them it offers tonnes of challenges. And once playing is done, where better to take a nap than in the washing basket.

08-11-2013: Clean bill of health

Egidius wientjes, vet at Hopmans veterenary clinic, came by to vaccinate the puppies and do a general health checkup. All the puppies were meticulously checked by Egidius, who gave all of them a clean bill of health. Like us, he was very excited with the state of this litter.

07-11-2013: Trento: the giant puppy

Trento, our youngest loves to hang out near the puppy-den. He is not more than a toddler himself, so he is sure that the ten puppies are perfect playmates. We aren't too happy with his enthusiasm, as he often forgets that he is many times bigger than his new found mates.

16:00: Getting used to game

The good weather today was a perfect opportunity for the puppies to explore the lawn which badly needs mowing. We took the fishing pole with pheasant wing to see if the pups were interested in feathers. Some of them certainly were, although it is not yet a true indication. As for now it is all visual and the puppies lose interest after a couple of attempts.

06-11-2013: Balancing act

Even with less than perfect weather, the puppies enjoy their time outside. After finishing their meal, they enjoy exploring the garden and playing with each other. A lot of strange objects cross their paths when they are on the prowl. Some of which need to be conquered. The watering can seemed to be a bridge too far, as in the end not one of the puppies managed to climb it and keep their ground.

05-11-2013: Behind bars

The pups are getting bigger and more active by the day. The walls of their puppy-den aren't a real challenge anymore. They can climb over it when they please to get out into the kitchen and harass the big dogs. Because we want to be able to decide when the puppies come out, we have placed a metal fence in front of the puppy-den. The puppies are now doing their utmost to look like inmates that are wrongfully pupt in jail, putting up their most innocent faces.

21:00: Chipped

It is official: all puppies have a chip with number and a name. The Kennel Club was very early this time around. After the chipping, a coffee, a bracco-chat and some paperwork, all puppies received their official name and are registered braccos.

04-11-2013: Chicken run

With a rainy day, eating out isn't as pleasant as it can be. We do put the dish with puppy-food outside, so we have our hands free to mop up the puppy-den. With most puppies having a belly full, our chickens grab the opportunity to move in and pick up the scraps. The puppies aren't impressed by these enormous feathery balls.

03-11-2013: Rijk is back in the puppy-den

It goes without saying that we expected a visit from Rijk, Marian and Johan. The owners of Pimpa are welcome guests in Kleine Huisjes and like four years ago, when their Pimpa was born, Rijk felt very much at home in the puppy-den. As did his mum and dad.

02-11-201: Brechje, Gijske and Gosse

Four years ago Marijke's grandchildren visited Kleine Huisjes. They played with Promessa's puppies, among which little Matilde. Today Gosse, Brechje and Gijske came along to check out Matilde's puppies. They found a comfortable place in the puppy den and unwillingly came out, when it was time to return home.

01-11-2013: Eating out

Whichever way you organise it: puppies make a mess. We have tried several tactics to keep the den clean and not have the puppies mess up the place somewhere else. Today we started taking the puppies outside for their daily meals. Not only did they enjoy being outside, they also give us the chance to scrub up their place. It is what called a win-win-situation.

31-10-2013: Puppy avalanche

Tough times for Matilde. Up till a couple of days ago, she could leasurely lay down with the feeding puppies next to or behind her. Now the puppies don't wait for Matilde to lie down. They attack her and hang on to her while she can barely stand up. And when she does lie down in the end, the dogs tumble all over her, like a puppy avalanche.

30-10-2013: Nel and Jan

The puppies are very popular. For some of our friends they are an excellent excuse to pay Kleine Huisjes a visit. Nel and Jan from the skeet and trap-range in Emmen had to come over to check the little rascals out. They got more than they bargained for, as the puppies are in their 'let's try to bit in everything'-phase.

29-10-2013: In and out

The puppies' world is expanding all the time. The leasurely times in their den are becoming shorter. Regularly they protest loudly against their confinement. To keep them happy we regularly open the gates to let the puppies explore the kitchen. An open kitchen door has caught the attention of some of the braver puppies. They have set a paw over the threshold and have found lots of new challenges outside, like flying leaves and our chickens that view the rascals from a distance.

28-10-2013: No borders

The puppies are getting tired of their den. They are constantly trying to climb over the fence. Sometimes they succeed, so we have put a higher fence in front of the den. It doesn't mean that the puppies won't get out anymore. Every time we clean the den, they get the opportunity to explore the kitchen.

27-10-2013: Outside the box

The short periods outside their den, are quite an experience for the puppies. For us it is a good opportunity to study the different characters. While some cry for their mother and don't leave her side, others explore and wander off. Some even venture into the jungle of steel, wood and stone beneath our kitchen table.

22:00: Four generations

Lammy and her Isotta came over to visit Kleine Huisjes. A perfect opportunity to immoralise the family tree. From left to right, next to the puppies: mother Matilde, granny Promessa and great-grandmother Isotta.

26-10-2013: Marijke and Brechje

Over the past two weeks the puppies have had quite a few visitors. We forgot to mention a very important visit from Marijke and her granddaughter Brechje. Marijke helped out with the delivery and Brechje who came along on Marijke's second visit, helped with cleaning the den and the always important puppy-cuddling.

23:00: And more socialisation

After Thom and Bas had left, our dinner guests arrived. Old friends Mariska and Angelo and their girls Ilja and Elize. Again the puppy-den worked as a magnet on the girls, who had a very hard time saying goodbye to the den's inhabitants.

25-10-2013: Socialisation

We think it is very important that the puppies are exposed to a lot of different hands an eyes. Visiting children are more than welcome to socialise with the puppies. It goes without saying that many of the visitors don't need a lot of persuation to enter the den. Nephews Bas and Thom are doing their utmost to socialize the young ones, and are loving every minute of it.

24-10-2013: 'Young blue eyes'

The puppies are doing extremely well. Their senses pick up any sound, smell or image. They look through a couple of bright blue eyes. A temporary colour, as if everything goes to plan, they will get a pair of beautiful dark brown eyes when they grow up.

23-10-2013: Puppy-fanclub

We had some important visitors today. The presidents of the puppy-fanclub, graced the puppies' den with a visit. Noor and her friend Zonne are on holiday in Lauwersoog, close to Kleine Huisjes. Together with Noor's mum and dad, they take every opportunity they get to visit the puppies for some serious cuddling.

11:00: A basket filled with puppies III

The basket has become way too small for the ever growing puppies. Fortunately we can contain them just long enough to clean their den. Besides, it is a great way to see how much they have grown over the past weeks.

22-10-2013: Wonderful food

Solid food has become a moment in the day to look out for. The puppies hurry to claim a good spot at the dish. They even lick of each other's face to avoid missing the last pieces of meat. Matilde's task to clean up after the puppies has become less interesting for her, now the puppies nearly empty the dish.

21-10-2013: Weigh-in

It has been a couple of days since we weighed the puppies. The weigh-in today showed that they are growing steadily, without much weight difference between the individual puppies. We have also extended their den in the kitchen to give them more room and less opportunities to escape.

20-10-2013: Meat-carousel

After a leasurely start, the puppies are really getting a taste for ground meat. We have stopped feeding them individually and placed a round dish with food in their den: a meat-carousel. Putting the puppies around the dish isn't necessary; the smell of their new found favourite food is enough to get them out of their comfortable bed.

19-10-2013: Solid food

For the past couple of days the puppies have been getting acquainted with solid food. Milk is still the main part of their diet, but they are already getting a taste for the new step in their culinary life: ground organic meat.

18-10-2013: Exploring the kitchen

The puppies have moved from the welping box in the living room to the kitchen, where they have their own quarters. When their bed is cleaned however, they are free to wander around and explore their new environment. An encounter with any of the adults is inevitable. Pippi doesn't know what to think. As a mother she likes the smell. She isn't too sure about the attitudes of these little 'terrorists' though.

17-10-2013: Visitors

Every now and again the puppies get visitors. We encourage them to get up close and personal with the litter. That is fun for the visitors and very good for the puppies. It is a perfect way for them to get acquainted with people.

23:30: Bepe

While Matilde is taking care of her offspring, the father of the litter is busy with other important stuff. Last week Bepe was getting in shape for the upcoming field trial season. He did this while training on partridges in Croatia.

15-10-2013: Grooming

A day in the welping box is filled with rituals. Getting reacquainted with her puppies, after a moment outside, always includes a grooming session where she licks the puppies. Not all of them like this grooming ritual and try to sneak out of it. But Matilde is firm. She litterally puts her foot down on the puppy until the grooming is finished.

14-10-2013: Getting to know you

With their new senses, the puppies have discovered that these warm, familiar smelling balls of fur, are their brothers and sisters. And what are brothers and sisters good for? Honing your fighting and biting skills. Besides eating and sleeping the range of activities has been extended with playing.

23:00: Escape artists

The puppies are starting to react to light and sounds. It makes them even more mobile than they already are. Some of them are becoming true escape artists, trying to climb over the 'walls' of their confinement. We have to be on guard. But not much harm can come to the pups, as when they fall they always land on a soft surface.

13-10-2013: Food and more food

Suckling ten puppies is hard labour. It shows on Matilde. Despite eating three times as much as usual, she stays very lean. She is however, very lively and active. And her 'suffering' is for a good cause. The puppies are doing very well.

17:00: Some private space

Not all the puppies always enjoy the company of their brothers and sisters. Some of them like to find a private spot in the box to do a nap. As soon as Matilde enters the box, the rest is over as the milk has arrived.

12-10-2013: Anticipation

The morning ritual of cleaning the sheets is a trial of anticipation for Matilde. She hops in and out with the pups safely in the welping box. But as soon as the puppies are temporarily removed, she gets nervous. Fortunately the seperation doesn't last long and the reunion with her puppies is a perfect occasion for a long feeding session.

11-10-2013: It is getting busy

The welping box isn't the docile and quiet place, it has been the first week. The puppies are up on all fours and eyes are opening. Time to explore and run around. It will be a matter of a couple days until the the box isn't big enough any more.

15:00: Peek-a-boo!

A random check of the puppies revealed the next milestone. Two of the puppies are staring, somewhat hazy, at the world, eyes open. It looks like with another day to go, all the other puppies will have opened their eyes.

10-10-2013: Extra feeding sessions

Our daily weighing sessions give us an indication of how the puppies are doing. Every time the Matilde leaves her puppies for an occasional time-out onthe mattress. We hook her up with the puppies are either lagging behind between weighing sessions or could be a little heavier. The indication we get can chance per day, so maybe tomorrow we are hooking Matilde up with a new couple of 'slaggers'.

13:00: checking the collars

We are becoming well acquainted with all the puppies. Yet, it is easy to keep their collars on. Good thing the collars are adjustable, as with the weight gain, their necks are becoming quite a bit wider.

09-10-2013: A basket filled with puppies II

The ritual of changing the sheets on the welping box is still in full swing. Even though Matilde is loosing a lot less fluids, the sheets still need changing. Especially as it becomes harder for her to keep up with cleaning after her offspring. The basket is filling out nicely. It won't be long before they become too big to fit in.

08-10-2013: More mobile, more hunger

The feeding sessions are becoming shorter, but more intense. Every day we weigh all the puppies and keep a list of their weight gain. If one of the puppies is lagging behind, we give him or her a prime spot at the milk-facility. Now the puppies have found out what these dangly bits on all four corners of their body are meant for, they have become more mobile and even more hungry.

23:00: First steps

The first weeks in the life of the puppies are filled with milestones. Tonight a very important one was reached when one of the puppies decided to raise herself up and try to walk on all fours. Some of the others are already practicing push-ups, so it won't be long untill the pups will be even more mobile and start running around in the box. next step will be the eyes opening.

16:00: Exploration

The puppies are becoming more mobile. The urge to explore their surroundings is growing. And as they shuffle around in the box, they are bound to encounter the sides of the wall. Every now and again, one of the puppies pushes its head over the side. It won't be long now before they will succeed in finding their way over the edge. As a precaution we have lined the sides of the box with pillows, and other soft stuff.

07-10-2013: Who is barking?

The progress in development of the puppies isn't only measured in weight gain. It can also be seen in changes in behaviour. When we placed the puppies in their temporary basket, every morning they used to cuddle up and continue sleeping. This morning they started bumping into each other to get the best spot. We even noticed a noice that very much resembled high pitch barking.

16:00: Mattress

Matilde has found that the mattress next to the welping box is just as comfortable as the straw of the box. Whenever there is an opportunity she hops out of the welping box to lie next to one of us. We have combined the useful with the pleasant. Every time she chooses the mattress, we let the pups take turn in feeding. Are they done feeding we change them for a brother or sister.

06-10-2013: The puppies' lair

Every morning we clean the welping box. To do so we change the sheets (old bed sheets) on top. the box if filled with straw with a woollen blanket on top. This setup mimics the den wolves make to give birth. The straw and blanket work as isolation and they absorb any fluids from Matilde and her puppies. It also allows Matilde to 'bury' a little pit to keep her puppies close.

21:00: Job well done

Matilde has been in and out her box today. She enjoyed some extra meat, buttermilk and a bone. And it seems that even though she is taking regular time-outs, all of the pups are growing rapidly and looking good. Job well done by Matilde!

05-10-2013: One week old

The puppies are one week old. Last night was quite a bit quieter than last week. The puppies eat, sleep and grow. Matilde spends most of her time in the welping box, but she is relaxed enough to take some time out every now and again. The puppies have doubled their weight in a week's time. They are on schedule.

17:00: Food

Matilde leads a very regular life in the welping box. She has never been a great eater, but now she has too. And she does, three to four bowls of meat and a bone for calcium go down with ease. And after that, it is time to take it easy.

04-10-2013: Time for a break

Matilde has been flat out caring and feeding her puppies. Sometimes it gets to her. We let her out to do her business and relax a little, but often it is right back to the welping box. Today she is getting a longer break and some well needed calcium in the shape of a juicy bone.

17:00: Initiative

Even in this early stage it becomes more and more obvious that no two puppies are alike. Some never stray far from their milk supply while others take the occasional stroll, landing them in the far corners of their box. Their well developed sense of smell helps them to find their way back to Matilde.

03-10-2013: Motivation

The days in the welping box are long for Matilde. It doesn't come as a surprise that every now and again, she gets tired from the very close quarters of the box. Especially when there is some noise from the kitchen next door, she scratches the door to come in and join the fun. That isn't a problem at all. However, to keep Matilde motivated to spend as much time as possible in the welping box, we have moved part of our daily routine to the living room. The company keeps her relaxed and even more dedicated to her puppies.

23:00: Suffering

Taking care for ten puppies isn't a walk in the park. Especially not when you have given birth to them a couple of days before. Matilde is suffering, but she is hanging in there and is inseparable from her puppies. It is obvious that all the care is paying off: the puppies are growing like weeds.

02-10-2013: Modelling session

The puppies have their collars, so there is no risk that we can't keep them apart. We did think however, that it was a good idea to invite them in the mini-studio for a modelling session. It might come in handy as a reference and it is a good way to introduce the puppies. Later this week, we'll release the ten models.

23:00: Matilde is feeling well

Matilde was a bit under the weather yesterday. Fortunately she felt much better today. The puppies are her only concern at the moment. They are doing great and are growing steadily.

01-10-2013: A quiet night

Matilde has had a quiet night. She slept throughout the night, while the pups suckled and slept: the ideal scenario. The weighing of the puppies, showed that all of them have grown. Good job Matilde!

22:00: Happy birthday Matilde

She has been a bit busy lately, but we haven't forgotten that Matilde turns four today, as are her brothers and sisters. Everyone a happy birthday!

13:30: Rush hour

In their first week, puppies don't do much more than dinking and sleeping. Matilde is a trooper. Patiently she lies on her side as rush hour begins and ten puppies storm the teats. But every now an again Matilde takes some distance and some time to groom herself.

30-09-2013: Cleaning service

Every time we clean Matilde's welping box, we collect the puppies in a basket. When she is ready to get back. We hand Matilde the puppies one by one. She licks them on the belly to stimulate them to empty their bladders and bowels.

23:00: Collars

We have fitted all the puppies with collars. Not as decoration, but as identification. The different colours of the collars help us keep track of the weight gain of the puppies. If the puppies get stuck the colours click open at the slightest resistance.

15:30: The first visitors

The first future puppy-owners have paid Matilde and her offspring a visit. The Bos family found there way to Kleine Huisjes where they got the chance to, one by one, get to see the puppies and mother. Matilde was ok with all the visitors. She did however keep a close eye on all the strangers near her puppies.

09:30: A basket filled with puppies

Matilde is still leaking fluids. Her box has to be cleaned a couple of times a day. This means that she has to leave her puppies for a while. We have given them their own little home away from home: a washing basket with a comfortable blanket.

29-09-2013: Awake and ready

After a 40-hour stretch without sleep it was lights out for everyone. Matilde knows what she has to do, so we can leave the ten puppys in her capable paws. She has shown to be a wonderful mother, herding her pups when they go astray in the welping box and always keeping them in sight. We are ready for a new day with new and wonderful experiences.

08:45: Puppy ten, equal again

It looks like Matilde has given birth to the last puppy of the litter. A male evens the score out again. Matilde can now concentrate on suckling her little ones. We'll see to it that Matilde will be as comfortable as possible.

08:15: Ninth puppy, girl again

Matilde took some well deserved rest and spent some time feeding her eight pups. After a couple of hours however, she had to go to work again. The ninth puppy is a girl and just as her brothers and sisters, healthy and very active.

06:15: Even score again

We are getting at the last lag of the night. Number eight, a boy, was born after Matilde had taken a little nap. She is very relaxed and caring for her pups.

05:05: Number seven

Number seven didn't take long after number six. This time it is a girl with a full brown coat. It is getting busy at Matilde's milk plant.

04:45: The score evens out

It took no less than three hours before puppy number six arrived. Again a brown/white male, so he evens out the score for now at three boys and three girls.

01:45: And boy number two

the fifth puppy only took fifteen minutes after the fourth. Again a brown boy, a very stout puppy this time.

01:30: The first boy of the litter

It took Matilde another one and a half hour to gain the strength for puppy number four: a scrappy brown/white boy.

23:55: And then there were three

Matilde is feeling better and better. Less than half an hour after her second pup, she gave birth to number three: again a beautiful brown/white girl.

23:20: Again a brown/white female

One and a half hour after her first puppy, Matilde gave birth to number two. Again a beautiful brown/white girl. Mother and pups are doing very well.

22:00: First Puppy for Matilde

Exactly at 10:00 pm, Matilde gave birth to her firstborn, a beautiful brown/white female. More details will follow