28-09-2009: no repeat performance for Flint

21-09-2009: Jeroen and Flint: winners in Retranchement
















30-07-2008: plenty to see and to buy on the Game Fair





06-04-2008: field trials: Promessa makes progress

06-04-2008: Lauder: l. to r. Delizia, Promessa, Pomona











01-12-2007: good hip and elbow score for Brogan


27-11-2007: photos Hans de Jong

12-11-2007: Marieke and host Rob Taylor


















19-06-2007: Pietro

06-05-2007: Ezzo's show-debut












27-11-2006 Photo, courtesy Frans Krijbolder

20-11-2006 Photo, courtesy Frans Krijbolder



















Rivana (second from the left), Asia (third from the left) and Gianpaolo (middle): special guests in Kleine Huisjes

Isotta declines invitation

Clubmatch: Max and Ineke at the judging (photo: Tina Steffens)

from l. t. r.: Guido and his Reno, Paolo and Rommert

Marieke(r.), Isotta and fanclub in Andelst

Good results for Delizia (l.) and Isotta

Good hips for Pandora's litter

Delizia: happy and relaxed debut in the show ring

Delizia and Isotta (front) did well in Tulln

photos above and under: Barbara en Rommert Hazenberg

Certificate for Delizia, photo: Hanny van Kampen

photo above: Rob Hoogvliet

05-10-2009: Stadskanaal: excellent for Pietro

Pietro and Rommert Hazenberg have won the field trial in Stadskanaal, last Saturday. In the open class judge Peter Eering rewarded them with a first place Excellent, which is a very good achievement. Our good friend Klaas Hindriks did also well. With his small Münsterlander Bente he scored a qualification and was placed second. At the field trial in Hoofdplaat, Jeroen Lohman and Flint redeemed themselves for their performance of last week. They were given an honourable mention by judge Cor Woets.

28-09-2009: Westernieland: qualification but no win for bracco

The beautiful late summer weather lasts even into autumn. The dogs that competed in the field trial in Westernieland, showed their stuff under a cloudless sky in a warm breeze. The early harvest of sugar beets did make it difficult to find appropriate fields. Despite this the competitors who had travelled all the way to the North of the country had plenty to be happy about. The trials (youth and open class) resulted in five qualifications: two in the youth class and three in the open class. One bracco in the open class scored a qualification. Rommert Hazenberg and his Pietro were placed third with a qualification ZG (very good). The other bracco's: Pralina with Wim van den Dam, Flint with Jeroen Lohman and Hidalgo with Marieke, did not score a qualification.

21-09-2009: youth field trial Retranchement: braccos again successful

For the third time in three weeks a Bracco Italiano has managed to win a field trial. The fact that the winners are three different braccos makes this feat even more remarkable. This time, on Saturday September 19, the field trial for juvenile dogs was held in Retranchement in the south-western part of the Netherlands. The trial was organised by the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club (BIC). Eleven dogs, among which four braccos, competed against each other on the beautiful fields of the hunting combination Dossche. Their fields are renowned for their immense pheasant- and partridge populations. Piet van Iwaarden en Jan-Arie Dekker, field supervisors and members of Dossche, weren’t at all surprised that most dogs encountered birds during their runs, even under the difficult circumstances on the day of the trial. At the end of the day, four competitors were mentioned by judge Henk Companjen. Rob van der Schaft, the chairman of the BIC, and his Bracco Donna, received an honorable mention for his first performance on a field trial. Wim van Rossum and his Bracco Italiano Vito were rewarded with a qualification Good, which earned them a second place. The first place went to ‘locals’ Jeroen Lohman and his Bracco Flint. They also received a qualification Good.

05-09-2009: Promessa wins in Eexterveen

Promessa scored her first point in a field trial in the open class (VG). During the first field trial, organised by the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club and held in Eexterveen, Promessa showed some good work which resulted in a steady point. Delizia who was also entered in the trial, did also very well. Her very sound work didn't get her any birds, but she did deserve a honourable mention and the praise of the head judge Peter Eering. The third qualification of the day went to Jetty Bruggeman and her small Münsterlander Biene. She was also rewarded with an honourable mention. Half of all competitors in this field trial were braccos. This gave this milestone for the Bracco Italiano Club even more shine. The hunting combination Eexterveen that gracefully offered the use of their fields to the organizers, had a special prize for the winner of the day. Marieke was rewarded with the 'Woeste Wal' trophy, a prize in commemoration of Loa and Pieter Poppinga who passed away last year and who have been members of the hunting combination for many years.

25-08-2009: Promessa and brothers and sisters turn three

Many happy returns to Promessa and all her brothers and sisters and their owners. We wish all a very happy birthday and many years in good health. On the photo 'birthday boys' Pascal (above) and Aiello

18-08-2009: flying start duck season

Only one day in the season, Promessa got the chance to go on her first duck hunt. On a beautiful summer's evening on the fields of northern Groningen, she retrieved her first freshly shot duck. During this session hunter Klaas Hindriks also shot a crow, which was retrieved by his small münsterlander Donna. After that Promessa got a chance on retrieving the freshly killed crow. After some hesitation she performed her chore admirably and brought the bird, which is not a popular quarry for retrieving dogs, to Marieke.

13-07-2009: Anthony and Ineke: reunion with Max

Only seven months Anthony and Ineke had to make one of the toughest decisions of their lives. They had to find a new home for their companion Max. Fortunately Max did find a new place to live with Wil and Adrie on the Dutch island Texel. Times have been difficult for Ineke and Anthony, but finally they found the courage to go and see how Max is doing. It was a wonderful reunion. The two left Texel with the reassuring feeling that Max is doing very well. Seeing that Max is very happy in his new home, was the perfect way for Ineke and Anthony to close their period of grieve.

30-03-2009: field trial spring season started

Promessa had a slow start in the field trials, this spring. She clearly had some difficulties adapting to her first trials in the open class. The first two trials didn't produce any positive results for Marieke and Promessa. Pietro, Promessa's brother, did better. Together with Rommert Hazenberg he scored a qualification in the novice class. The spring trials showed the continuation of a positive trend. More and more braccos are finding the way the field trial circuit.

30-03-2009: first Australian litter: one orange dog

Diva, the first Australian Bracco Italiano, owned by Chris and Yvette Girling, has given birth to one orange dog. This puppy is the first Bracco Italiano born on Australian soil. First scans of Diva during her pregnancy, showed six puppies. Unfortunately all but one were absorbed. The remaining puppy was delivered by caesarian. Both mother and puppy are doing well. The puppy was conceived by artificial insemination with the semen of Axel del Monte Alago, which was imported into Australia.

02-03-2009: Promessa BOB in Groningen

A very good result for Promessa at the Martini dog show in Groningen. In a somewhat limited lineup Promessa was rewarded with Best of Breed. This qualification earned Promessa the much desired point she needed to become a Dutch champion. Like previous shows Promessa was professionally showed by our 'house handler' Jolien van der Meer.

03-02-2009: Relatives for Promessa in Australia

If everything goes according to plan, Promessa will have Australian relatives in two months time. Diva (Heinaaron Molto in Voga), owned by Australian vets Chris and Yvette Girling, has been successfully inseminated with semen from Axel del Monte Alago. For Chris and Yvette, who visited Vicini in 2006, this is a very special event. At the moment Diva is the only Bracco Italiano in Australia and her litter will probably be the start of an Australian line of braccos. Many congratulations to the lucky owners of Diva. We keep our fingers crossed for a successful delivery and healthy puppies.

08-12-2008: Max moves to Texel

Max, the bracco owned by Ineke, Anthony and daughter Pleun from Rosmalen, has found a new place to live. Because Pleun has severe allergic reactions to dogs, Ineke and Anthony were forced make a very tough decision and find a new home for their companion. They found that new home on the island Texel, where Max will live with Wil and Adrie. This couple is familiar with taking in braccos that need a new home. Earlier this year they took in old bracco Jupiter and gave him a pleace where he truly enjoyed the last months of his life. Last Sunday Ineke, Anthony and Marieke took Max to his new home on Texel. Saying goodbye was incredibly difficult for Ineke and Anthony. But they found some comfort in knowing that Max is welcomed with love and attention and will be surrounded by miles of space to run, play and explore. Next to Wil en Adrie, Max is sharing his new home with great Dane Murphy and spinone Figaro.

02-12-2008: Winner 2008, lots of laughs with old acquaintances

The Winner 2008 in Amsterdam was a perfect opportunity for Vicini to get reacquainted with old friends. Lynne Bowley from Elgin in Scotland stayed with us in Kleine Huisjes. She offered to show Promessa and Pietro. Despite the somewhat disappointing results, it was a great day with a lot of laughs. Lynne arrived in The Netherlands on Friday. She was invited by the hunting group Eexterveen to join them on a pheasant hunt.

21-10-2008: Delizia ends season in style

Delizia has ended her field trial season in style. In the champions match in Zoutkamp her steady work was rewarded with a first place and the qualification 'good'. The qualification was mainly the result of an excellent run by Delizia. For the runner there are plenty of points of improvement for next season. The result in Zoutkamp is representative of the performance of Vicini dogs Delizia, Promessa, Pietro, Gaeta and newcomer Pralina, have shown in the field this year. In 2008 more braccos than ever attended the field trials. This raises hope for the future and might be an added incentive for the Bracco Italiano Club to organise their own field trial in next year's season.

11-10-2008: Germany 2008, again well received

The training weekend in Germany has again been well received by the participants from The Netherlands, Germany and Finland. On the fields around Osbevern they were instructed in the work before and after the shot. The search and point part of the weekend was led by Czech trainer and fieldwork specialist Jan Korciįn. With a velvet glove he guided the participants and their dogs through the field. The second part of the weekend was led by Paul de Vos, a well known Dutch hunter and authority on dog behaviour. According to some of the participants Paul earns to be called a guru in his field. He helped the participants to have their dogs to mark and retrieve. Paul also staged a hunt, assisted by 'gun' Hedze de Hoop. On the evening before the weekend started Paul gave a lecture on dog behaviour, which was very well received by everyone. We thank our German bracco-friend Harald Koska and his family for again a flawless organisation of the event. We also thank Paul de Vos and Jan Korciįn and his translator Iveta Pra˛įkovį. Their inspiration and motivation made the weekend an unforgettable event. Also many thanks to Hans de Jong who endured wind and rain with his camera equipment. And last but not least thanks to Hedze de Hoop who for providing the weekend with the feel of a real hunt.

28-09-2008: penny drops: Promessa 1st Exc. in Westernieland

In more than one way it was a brilliant day, Saturday September 26. At the fiel trial in Westernieland the weather was good and Promessa was even better. She finshed the trial with a clear win and the qualification excellent. Judge Peter Eering praised the work Promessa showed in the beets, the carrots and the potatoes, effortless adapting to the different types of vegetation. During her first run Promessa showed her talent by systematically using the entire field. The real score came during the final run where Promessa showed a rock solid point in the side of a ditch. She fixated the pheasant and only after the order was given by Marieke, the bird was flushed. Promessa's success in Westernieland was preceded by a 2nd place, VG at Friday's field trial in Gieten. It seems like the penny has dropped for Promessa.

20-09-2008: Wim and Pralina score at Field trial Dirksland

Relative newcomers to the field trial circuit Wim van Dam and Pralina have scored their first honourable mention. Wim and Pralina showed some fine work at the trial in Dirksland. Their performance shows a lot of promise for the future. The hours in field that Wim and Pralina are putting in as a preparation for the first field trial organised by the Bracco Italiano Club, are clearly paying off. The trial was won by duo Rommert and Pietro who are on a definite winning streak this season.

13-09-2008: Field trial victories for Pietro and Delizia

Vicini dogs Pietro and Delizia have been successful in different field trials. Pietro and owner and runner Rommert Hazenberg earned in Rilland their sixth qualification in nine field trials. With some steady work they won the trial. Delizia and Marieke did well during the closing field trial of the Bracco Italiano Festival in the Czech Republic. The duo won the trial. Delizia received the title CAC T.

On the picture Pietro with his steady 'show girlfriend' Jolien van der Meer. The photo was taken at the clubmatch of the Bracco Italiano Club, where Pietro managed to win his show class. Isotta did also well, she was declared best bitch.

30-07-2008: Vicini on the Game Fair

Vicini has visited the CLA Game Fair in the picturesque estate Blenheim Palace in Lincolnshire. This annual event is a paradise for hunters, fishermen and gundog enthusiasts. One year before the Bracco Italiano is recognised in the UK, Delizia, Promessa en three British braccos treated the visitors of the Game Fair to a little foretaste in the gundog parade. Our visit to the England and the Game Fair was extra special because of the company of our good friends Trish and Terry Salisbury who gracefully invited us to stay at their place. Trish and Terry are members of the beating staff of the Rushmore Estate. This gave us the opportunity to work our dogs on the neighbouring fields.

20-07-2008: Pietro and Rommert score in Italy

Rommert Hazenberg and his Pietro dei Vicini del Monastero have shown that they are on the right track in field work. The duo came third in the open class, in the field trial which was held this morning and is part of the raduno in Orvieto. Pietro was one of three dogs that found a bird a showed a solid point. He was rewarded with the qualification MB. First place in the field trial went to Tema di Cascina Croce with a CACIT. Xeres delle Terre Alliana got second place with a reserve CACIT. The day before Pietro entered the working dog class on the dog show. Judge Evangelisti showed his admiration for Pietro and rewarded him with the qualification excellent.

27-05-2008: gundogshow Bennekom: Pietro and Promessa successful

Brother and sister Promessa did very well at the gundogshow on the estate Hoekelum in Bennekom. Promessa was voted best Bracco Italiano Bitch. Pietro copied this result in the male dog group. Later he went on to beat his sister to be voted best of breed by Italian judge Paolo Dondina, out of the twelve participating braccos.

18-05-2008: Brogan: a daughter for housemate

Little Cully is Brogan's new housemate. And not only that. Cully is actualy Brogan's daughter. Mother Nuala gave birth to Cully and four other puppies on March the 3rd and 4th. While the other puppies have gone to their new owners, Cully was chosen to stay with Kim, Nuala, Brogan and Kim's other braccos and spinones. Kim did a great job reporting on the birth and the first months of the puppies. Her report can be read by clicking here.

30-04-2008: First results hip- and elbow-scores

The first results of the hip- and elbow-scores of Isotta's puppies have arrived. The owners of Brogan, Pomona, Pimpa, Pietro and Promessa know that their Bracco has very good elbows and hips (the best result possible). Shortly we expect to get the results of the x-rays of Pinto, Isa, Pralina and Pascal.

6-04-2008: Pietro, four in six

The spring field trials confirm the expectations for the achievements of Pietro and Rommert Hazenberg. Out of six trials, the couple earned four qualifications: one Very Good, two Good and an honourable mention. During the field trial in Breegden, last Monday, Pietro made a solid point on a couple of partridges. This earned him a 'Good' and third place. Last Saturday in Diessen Pietro didn't manage to get a qualification, despite two good runs. Like Pietro Promessa ended the day empty handed. She did however earn the praise of the judge who commended her and Marieke on their good teamwork. Promessa has shown good progress this spring. If she keeps on showing the same quality of work she will soon start earning qualifications.

6-04-2008: grouse pointing test in Lauder

Training in Scotland, in more ways an unforgettable experience, said Marieke after a week in the Scottish Borders. Together with friends Trish and Terry Salisbury, she participated in the Grouse Pointing test organised by the British Bracco Italiano Society. In the hills around Lauder fifteen dogs searched for grouse that live on the moors. Promessa and Delizia had a hard time adjusting to new surroundings and growth and a new species of bird. Despite very hard work, they didn't manage a proper point. Trish and Terry's Polcevera's Zagara did better. She managed a solid point on a grouse. Lynne Bowley and Pomona dei Vicini del Monastero were also present in Lauder. A perfect opportunity for a renewed acquaintance with Promessa's sister and her owner.

29-03-2008: Pietro: more than just a pretty face

Pietro dei Vicini del Monastero has had a busy week. At the Easter Dog Show in Leeuwarden last Monday, Pietro entered the ring with sister Promessa and another Bracco Italano. Pietro was selected BOB en was voted fourth in the group 7 line-up. Today Pietro competed in the field, a place he likes a lot more than the show ring. At the field trial organised by the German Shorthair Club and held in IJzendijke, Pietro did battle with pointing dogs from class A, B and C. He and his master Rommert Hazenberg showed they have really mastered the game. A perfect point earned them the qualification 'Good' in the youth class.

29-03-2008: Vicini's hip- and elbow-party

Seven brothers and sisters, all descendants of Isotta, met last Wednesday at Hopmans clinic for hip and elbow X-rays. Even though the photos aren't officially judged, vet Egidius Wientjes was impressed about the quality of the joints of all the dogs. After X-rays were taken the group went to the woods in neighbouring Peize for a brisk walk and soup and coffee in Kleine Huisjes. All the owners of the Dutch descendants of Isotta agreed in having both hips and elbows X-rayed. They now all meet the Vicini standard and the breeding standard issued by the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club.

22-03-2008: extra spring training in Savona

'The more you know, the more there is to learn'. With this thought in their minds Marieke and Rommert drove to Italy for spring training camp. With an increasing level of experience in field work comes a healthy dose of self-criticism. Especially in the details there is a lot of room for improvement. The specific task this time, was working on the position of the head of the competing dogs. To achieve this, a secret weapon was deployed: Giuseppe Brugnone's braga. Contrary to the ordinary bragas (trot harnesses) this Brugnone's braga gives special support to the throat during the trot. The dog who uses it will automatically keep its head high. The training was especially successful for Promessa who is a little behind in her development, compared to brother Pietro. It seems like the coin has dropped for her. She completed a couple of faultless points on birds hiding in the brushes. As usual on these trips, there was ample opportunity to enjoy 'la dolce vita' with friends Angela, Paolo and Vittoria and the staff of agriturismo La Vallata.

16-03-2008: Tilburg trilogy the first runs of the season

With three successive field trials around and near Tilburg, the spring field season is well and truely opened. Last week Pietro didn't manage to copy his previouw result he didn't find any birds and left the field without a point. Promessa didn't do much better. Last saturday Rommert and Marieke split up as Rommert and Pietro had a junior trial in Hilvarenbeek while Marieke and Delizia entered the open class in Tilburg. None of the competitors in the open class found any birds in their first run. Delizia and a couple of other dogs were allowed a second run, without much success. Rommert and Pietro did better. They didn't manage a full point but were rewarded with an honourable mention.

01-03-2008: field Trial Tilburg: Pietro in shape

The spring field trial season literally had a stormy start. Heavy wind gusts gave the competitors an extra challenge on the fields around Tilburg. Marieke and Promessa and Rommert Hazenberg and Pietro had braved the weather to enter the first field trial of the season. For Pietro and Rommert it turned out to be their first win of the season. Pietro worked the field flawlessly, finding a covey of partridges and fixating them. His work earned Pietro a full point, which was enough to win the trial. Promessa also did well, but she didn't manage to find any birds. Compared to her brother she isn't quite there yet. But she is making progress with every trial she enters. In between competition there was time for a mini family reunion, when Wim van Dam and Pralina showed up to cheer for her brother and sister.

29-02-2008: Hunting book: Delizia covermodel and centrefold

Delizia's picture is featured on the hunting book 'Wat een jachthond moet weten' (what every huntingdog should know) written by well known writer, Bracco Italiano owner and friend of Vicini, Paul de Vos. The book teaches dog owners step by step to train their dog to become an allround hunting companion. Delizia is also featured on a two page spread at the start of the chapter about field training. Until now the book has only been published in Dutch. Anyone who understands the Dutch language or feels challenged by this can order the book by clicking here.

10-02-2008: events for 2008: Czech Republic and Germany

It is early days yet, but keep a spot open in your calendar for the Bracco Italiano-festival from 10 to 13 September in the Czech Republic. The final program isn't ready yet. But it is certain that participants can enter in several workshops and trainings concerning hunting abilities. On the final day everyone can participate in an official field trial. Organiser Iveta Pra˛įkovį has invited a number of well known Bracco Italiano-authorities. All Bracco Italiano-owners and -enthusiasts are welcome to join. Keep an eye on this website for more news are send us an e-mail if you are interested.

From 3 to 5 October we are organising another Bracco Italiano get together in Germany. The event will be open for all Bracco Italiano owners. We are inviting several well known hunting experts to give workshops for every level. As last year we will work together with our German connection Harald Koska.

26-01-2008: short break in Sweden

Without hesitation Marieke accepted the invitation to accompany her friend Ilonne to her summer home in the Swedish town of Överlida. Together with her two braccos Verdell and Roma, Ilonne 'commutes' between her home in Zeewolde and Sweden. Even though Marieke had brought Promessa and Isotta along on the trip, there was no hunting this time. Together they enjoyed the scenery on long walks and did some training in the neighbouring woods. Ilonne and Marieke did visit Anki Skrucha, who runs the Bracco Italiano kennel Ensemble not far from Överlida.

23-12-2007: whistling against breast cancer

A whistle should be part of every serious dog lover's outfit. So why not support the battle against breast cancer while you buy a new dog whistle? Well known whistle manufacturer Acme started making a pink whistle with which you support the battle against this dreadful desease and the research for new treatments. With your pink whistle you also make a statement; that you are a supporter of this very worthy cause. The wistle and more information (partly in Dutch) can be obtained by clicking here.

02-12-2007: Delizia on the news

A week after the broadcast we received the message that Delizia was the star of the youth journal, a news program for children, on Sunday November 25. The program had an item about the Winner show in Amsterdam. The production team had chosen Delizia to fill the background as the item was announced. Click here to view the item.

01-12-2007: Brogan: excellent hip- and elbow-score

Great news from England. Kim Parris called to tell us the news of the hip- and elbow-score of Brogan. The score is splendid for hips (3:3) and for elbows (0:0). Brogan is the first of the puppies of Isotta who had his hips and elbows checked. In The Netherlands Brogans brothers and sisters will have to wait until they are 18 months old before they are allowed to be x-rayed.

01-12-2007: wine and olive oil with a Bracco Italiano-label

Na nice idea to dress up the Christmas dining table of the Bracco Italiano fan. Wine family Formichi of the Bonomonte estate in the Chianti region in Tuscany, makes a lovely red win with on the label an expression of the family's other passion: the Bracco Italiano. The estate also has its own olive oil-press. The Formichi's have a very nice olive oil in their assortment, that has also been decorated with a Bracco Italiano on the label. To order the wine of the olive oil from the Formichi family, contact the maker directly by clicking here, or by clicking on the link on our links-page.

27-11-2007: Winner 2007: Promessa and Pietro make an impression

Vicini-youngsters Promessa and Pietro were very successful on the Winner show in Amsterdam. Brother and sister made a lasting impression on the judge who declared Pietro, owned by Rommert Hazenberg, as winner of the youth-class best male bracco. Promessa scored the same result in the youth-class best bitch and she went on after that. She was declared best bitch overall in a well represented line-up. Pietro lost in the best male overall line-up to show veteran Nino, owned by Sonja Weber. Marieke and Rommert were very happy with the show results of Promessa and Pietro. As both dogs are still very young, Marieke and Rommert expect that there is still a lot of room for improvement. The success on the Winner was the crown on a very good year for Promessa and Pietro. Both dogs had shown some very good performances in the field trial circuit, earlier this year. Pietro even managed to win a trial with a full qualification.

Young handler Jolien van der Meer was partially responsible for the success of the Vicini dogs on the Winner. She showed several braccos among which Pietro. Delizia also made an appearance on the Winner. She accompanied Jolien in the junior handler competition.

12-11-2007: beating on the Rushmore estate

Delizia and Promessa have been initiated in the traditional British bird shoot. Marieke and her dogs were invited by gamekeeper Rob Taylor to join him with the beating crew on a three day shoot on the Rushmore estate in Dorset. Marieke joined Trish and Terry Salisbury who are regular beaters on the Rushmore estate. They worked together their dogs to drive pheasants and partridges into the game crop and from there over the hunters in the valley. Rushmore estate is one of the most prolific hunting estates in England. It is very popular as a hunting resort for the 'rich and famous'.

While in England, Marieke took the opportunity to also visit Kim and Brogan and Jan and Izzy.

04-11-2007: Mixed bag in Ostbevern

At the recap of the bracco-gathering, host Harald Koska invited Marieke and Paul for a day's hunting. Marieke and Delizia and Paul and his flatcoated retriever Pride joined Harald and his friends last Saturday to hunt the fields near Münster. It was a great day out with a mixed bag of hare, pheasant, wood pigeon, a marten and a woodcock. Experienced hunter Paul de Vos was happily surprised by the variety of game they encountered. 'I think this is because of the way the farmers work the land here. Agriculture is much more small-scaled than in The Netherlands. This leaves room for crops that aren't interesting for the farmers, but supply animals with cover and food.' At the ceremonial end of the hunt Marieke and Paul were invited for another hunt in December. Then Harald, Paul and Marieke will maybe discuss the plans for a new bracco-gathering in 2008.

23-10-2007: Field trials: looking back on the autumn

The field trial season has come to an end. We look back with an overall feeling of satisfaction. The season, which lasted for one and a half month, didn't produce a wealth of qualifications; even though Promessa did earn a honourable mention and Pietro won the youth class with a full point. But as a learning experience the trials have been invaluable. Besides this, the performances of Promessa, Pietro, Gaeta and Delizia really stood out. During all evaluations they were mentioned and complimented on their good course, their hunting passion and hunting intelligence. Spectators told us that they thought it a joy to watch the Braccos work in the field. Especially in the open class, scoring a qualification is very difficult. Everything should be right and the slightest disturbance can mess up a good run. The results of this season are an extra motivation for us to put even more effort in training. Steadyness on the shot, retrieving and the disregard of hares, could all be better. The past couple of years we have met a lot of experienced 'field-trial friends' in and outside The Netherlands, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with us. But as for now we are already proud that our hard work is putting the Bracco Italiano with its passion and great nose, back on the map in the Dutch field trials.

01-10-2007: Show Maastricht: Vicini family reunion

The international dog show in Maastricht was the scene of a small family reunion of the brothers and sisters of Promessa. Besides Promessa, Aiello, Pralina and Pietro had entered the show. Valero, Isotta's brother also entered the show ring in Maastricht. All participants agreed that the show results were less important than meeting up again and exchanging stories, in the conference-centre in Maastricht. However, the expert opinion of judge Rutten about Isotta's descendents, was much appreciated by all the 'contestants'.

29-09-1007: Promessa Honourable mention in Gieten

The field trials in Gieten (Friesland) have resulted in a honourable mention for Promessa. She made good use of the field during her runs. Promessa did get scent of a pheasant but didn't manage to fixate the bird, so she wasn't rewarded with a full point. Rommert Hazenberg entered the trial with Pietro and Gaeta. Both dogs showed good work. Unfortunately the work didn't pay off in a qualification. In spite of that both Rommert and Marieke were very satisfied with their performance and that of the dogs. Pietro seems to come closer and closer to becoming a full competitor for the open class. Gaeta is a constant factor and Promessa is progressing with each trial.

29-09-2007: Trip to Germany in the local newspaper

Our German host Harald Koska is ready to welcome the participants of the training-weekend in Ostbevern. The preparations haven't escaped the attention of the local media. Last week the regional newspaper published an article with photos announcing the get together in the fields around Ostbevern. Click here to read the article. Next Friday the participants leave for Germany for two days of practice and especially having fun with their braccos. A full report and photos will follow.

26-09-2007: Zagara: foster parents say goodbye

A few tears were shed in Deurne when bracco Zagara left for her new home in England. Last spring Zagara was collected at Maurizio Sodini's kennel in Genoa. Because she wasn't allowed to enter the UK and follow the owners Trish and Terry (photo: right, behind), she was temporarily looked after by 'foster families' Marjan and Leo (photo: next to Trish) and Carolien and Oscar. The past months both families spent a lot of time with the upbringing and socialisation of Zagara. And it shows, Zagara is a very friendly and healthy dog. Although the 'foster parents' found saying goodbye very difficult, they were happy for Trish and Terry who had been counting the days.

24-09-2007: Braccos 'special guest' at 60 years Small Münsterlander-club

Delizia and Gaeta showed excellent work during the two day field trial organised to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Small Münsterlander-club. The two braccos and runners Marieke and Rommert showed good form. Unfortunately the confrontations with birds didn't result in a point. Marieke did earn a honourable mention however. Both judges complimented her with the good progression of Delizia and the skillful work of Marieke as dog runner. Rommert and Gaeta showed some very good work on the second day of the event. Judge Woets -a Dutch authority on field work- complimented Gaeta on her aggressive approach and her good sense for and use of wind direction. He offered Rommert and Gaeta a private instruction session, later this year. Among the seventeen participating dogs a total of four points were presented. Two of which were given to the experienced Henrik Andersen from Denmark. Andersen proposed that a special trophy should be presented to the best dog runner. A prize that, according to him, should go to Marieke. The braccos of Marieke and Rommert are becoming welcome guests in the field trial circuit. The continuous good work shown by Delizia and Gaeta received a special mention in the closing speech of the event. The speaker called them an example for working pointing dogs in The Netherlands.

18-09-2007: Pietro comes first: win in field trials in Andelst

Pietro dei Vicini del Monastero has won the field trials, held in Andelst. Pietro and owner Rommert Hazenberg managed to exploit the already well-trodden field. With a couple of swift turns Pietro found and shortly fixated a partridge. Because the bird had been chased out of its cover several times before, Pietro didn't manage a very long 'point'. In spite of that Rommert was proud of his youngest bracco. 'Pietro stood like a house', he said. 'He held his head up and did his utmost to keep the bird in its place. It was a short, but a real arrźt.' Pietro and Rommert received a full point and the qualification Good, which earned them a first place. For Rommert this result was the proof that you can only succeed in field work, if you are prepared to put in many hours of training. Promessa and Marieke also competed in Andelst. Unfortunately Promessa was less successful than her brother. She showed some good work, but didn't find any birds. Marieke isn't worried however. The season has just started and Promessa is progressing by the week. Besides, it looks like Delizia an Gaeta have manage to maintain the shape they were in last spring, which brought them a lot of fine results.

04-09-2007: Germany: all preparations are made

The trip to Germany is fully booked. Last weekend we visited Harald Koska in Germany to make the last arrangements and to check out the fields and accommodation. Everything is ready for an unforgettable couple of days of hunting-instruction. The initiative has aroused the interest of the local media. A reporter of the local newspaper came by to shoot some photos she will publish with an article next October and the local TV-station promised to pay the group a visit when they are busy training next October.

31-08-2007: Lisa: new blood for Vicini

We did already show a couple of pictures of our Lisa. And now it is time for a proper introduction. Lisa swapped her birthplace Genoa for our kitchen in Kleine Huisjes. She is a puppy from the combination Pauso dei Bricchi (male) and Fiesta dell'Oltrepņ. We think that she is certainly an asset for the Dutch Bracco Italiano population. As for now we are more involved in helping Lisa grow up. She already feels at home at our place. And she is already -sometimes even lovingly- accepted by the older ladies, who help out with the upbringing.

25-08-2007: happy birthday puppies!

It is time to celebrate in eleven homes in The Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland. Isotta's puppies had their first birthday today. Many happy returns to all Promessa's brothers and sisters, and many more years in good health!

25-08-2007: computercrash fixed, e-mails gone

If you have sent us an e-mail in the past couple of weeks and haven't received a reply, please send us the e-mail again. A fault in one of the computers has caused problems in our reception of e-mails, the past couple of weeks. The problems nearly resulted in a crash of our network, but luckily we were able to fix it in time. A lot of e-mails however, have never reached us or were destroyed with the recovery action.The system is now up and running again.

29-07-2007: Website BIC online

The website of the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club (BIC) is online. After a change of board and president, the website went offline. Thanks to the efforts of Bracco-fanatic and internet-specialist Hans de Jong, the Club has a new site. Hans has spent many hours in building and developing a new look for the website. Some of the section are still under construction. But this will soon change. To visit the BIC-website click here for a direct link, or go to our 'links' page.

15-07-2007: Puppies ready for the UK

The papers have been filled in and stamped and all the medical actions have been taken: Pomona, Brogan and Izzy are ready to make the crossing and meet their owners. Tomorrow Marieke and Carolien Stokhof are taking the Eurotunnel-train to Folkestone to meet up with Kim Parris (Brogan) and Lynne Bowley (Pomona). Izzy's owner Jan Hayward is on holiday right now. But Izzy will find a warm, temorary welcome at Kim's Place in Dorset. Carolien's dogs Bruno and Pinto will stay over in Kleine Huisjes until Carolien returns from the UK.

27-06-2007: Update on Germany

The organisation of our trainingsweekend in Germany has nearly reached completion. We have an exact location. Both Harald Koska and we are working hard on putting together a program.We can reveil that we will be offering a complete package, including supervised training, accommodation and meals. Just like our trip to Italy last year, we are aiming to keep the cost to a minimum, to make it available to as many as possible. Because every bracco owner is invited to participate. There is no need for hunting- or field trial-experience. The first announcement already resulted in a couple of applications. With a maximum of fourteen participating dogs, this means that everyone who wants to join us should apply as soon as possible. Applications can be made by e-mail or telephone

19-06-2007: Green light for point- and retrieve-training in Germany

The earlier announced point- and retrieve-training near the German town of Münster, goes ahead. Harald Koska, bracco-owner and hunter, has concluded the final formalities. Next October a maximum of fourteen braccos and their masters will get the opportunity to be educated a variety of hunting-skills. The training-weekend starts Friday evening October 5 and comes to an end with a traditional ceremony, on Sunday evening October 7. Two prominent instructors have promised to participate in this training. Keep an eye on the website for more information and details.

19-06-2007: Marieke and Paolo on tour in England

Nice weather, wonderful surroundings, good company and lots of beautiful bracco’s, those were the ingredients for a very pleasant, short stay in England. Marieke and Paolo Poggio visited Kim Parris, chairwoman of the Bracco Italiano Society and owner of Brogan, and bracco-fanatics Jan Hayward and Trish and Terry Salisbury. The local gamekeeper was so kind to give the company a tour over the hunting properties in the New Forest. They were also allowed a peek at a pheasant breeder. The trip provided us with plenty of inspiration for a return visit and probably a couple of training sessions and maybe even a field trial, in the future. Many thanks to all who made us feel very welcome!

19-06-2007: Pietro most obedient

Pietro and master Rommert Hazenberg held the name of the breed high. At the obedience exams at Let Steven’s dog school in Zeist, Pietro became the most obedient of the seven participating dogs

06-05-2007: Dortmund: cracking debut for Ezzo

We received a picture from the International dog-show in Dortmund (Germany). Valero's son Ezzo (Alegro del Campo di Pini) had a great show-debut. After his first appearance in the ring, Ezzo and his master Harald Koska were rewarded with a reserve CABIB. Promessa also put up an appearance in Dortmund. She entered in the puppy-class and received compliments from the judge for her build and looks.

30-04-2007: Steenbergen: Delizia point and first place, Gaeta fourth

A late report because the webmaster was staying with friends in Scotland this week. Delizia is clearly getting the hang of working the field. At a field trial in Steenbergen this payed off with a point and a first place. Delizia's sister Gaeta (photo) did also well. She placed fourth and collected her third horourable mention in four field trials with four different judges.

23-04-2007: Partridges ánd an honourable mention at the Ooijpolder

A lot of hares and a lot of partridges, characterized the field trial at the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen. Delizia did very well. She fixated a partridge with a classic 'point'. Her performance resulted in an honourable mention. Only one competitor did better and scored a point. Rommert and Gaeta were also active in the Ooijpolder. Gaeta had the bad luck to stumble upon a field filled with hares. The diversion was too much for the talented sister of Delizia, who lost her concentration. This only proved that to score in a competition in the open class, you not only need a skillful dog and master, but also the perfect circumstances.

23-04-2007: Pigeon season open

At the opening of the pigeon hunting season Delizia showed that she is becoming a very allround hunting dog. Delizia and small Münsterlander Donna took turns in retrieving the wood pigeons that were shot by Klaas Hindriks. At home the puppies got the opportunity to retrieve a pigeon. And during the plucking and cleaning of the pigeons, they were hanging around the kitchen sink, fascinated by the birds.

27-03-2007: honourable mention for Vicini-sisters

A beautiful result on a beautiful day. That must have been on the minds of Marieke and Rommert when they made their way to Riel to compete in a field trial. The many hours of training of Vicini-sisters Delizia and Gaeta paid off. Apart from the lack of birds, they both performed the perfect trial. The judges awarded both sisters with an honorary mentioning. ‘It al went perfectly, but Gaeta and I are ready for a point’, Rommert said after the trial. The judges were impressed by the performance of the sisters. One of them said that it was the best work he had ever seen by a Bracco Italiano.

05-03-2007: English visitors

It was a long awaited reunion for Jan Hayward and Kim Parris, with their darlings Isabella and Brogan. A delayed trip and a very late arrival in Kleine Huisjes was more than made up for by the main event of the weekend on Saturday. Jan, Kim, Sonja Weber and Marieke took Isabella, Brogan, Nino di Ala d'Oro and Delizia to Martiniplaza in Groningen, to attend the International Dog Show of the North. Especially for Nino and Sonja there was success with a BOB qualification for Nino. The others received good reports and, just as important, had a great day. The next day after a walk near the nature reserve of Lauwersoog, we said goodby. Jan and Kim, we had a great weekend. Hope to see you again soon.

28-02-2007: Pedigrees for the puppies

Today the pedigrees of Isotta's puppies arrived in the mail. The pedigrees will be in the mail to all the owners, later this week.We will keep Brogan's pedigree with us until the weekend, as his future owner Kim Parris is coming over this weekend to visit her puppy. Kim will be travelling with Jan Hayward who is coming to visit Isabella, the puppy from Italy that is staying with us.

07-02-2007: Pandora put to sleep

Pandora is no longer with us. After she had suffered repeated stomach-torsions on Sunday February 5, we made the very difficult decision together with our vet, to have her put to sleep. Pandora was seven years old. Pandora was passionate, a clown, a chicken thief and she was the best mother we have ever seen. We will miss her dearly, but we know that she will live on with us through two generations: her daughter Isotta and granddaughter Promessa. Rest in peace Pandora and thank you for the wonderful moments we shared together.

23-01-2007: PennHip for the puppies

Promessa, Brogan, Pomona and ‘house guest’ Isabella have been PennHipped. Egidius Wientjes of Hopmans veterinarian clinic used this method to examine the hips of the puppies. He is a great believer in PennHip, because this new, American method gives a more thorough result than traditional X-rays. PennHip has the added advantage that it can be used at a very young age. The hips of the examined puppies are rated with an index-number which relates to the risk of hip dysplasia. The definite index-numbers of the puppies are not yet known, but egidius was very pleased with the condition of the hips of the four puppies. Soon we will give more extensive attention to the PennHip method.

14-12-2006: Excellent hips and elbows for Max

Great news from Rosmalen. Max (Verdichio dei Vicini del Monastero), Delizia's brother and companion of Anthony, Ineke and Pleun (photo), has very healthy hips and elbows. The x-ray photos confirm the expectations. The exact score is: HD A and ED free.

10-12-2006: Vicini-zusjes en Galina, hunt in Germany

Sisters Gaeta en Delizia en their masters Rommert, Barbara and Marieke jumped at the opportunity when Harald Koska invited them for a Saterday hunt in Germany. The hunt went very well with a mixed bag of pheasants, hare and wood pigeons. Both sisters and old Galina got the opportunity to show what they are worth in the field. A great day was finished with a very nice German meal. Harald, many thanks for the hospitality.

06-12-2006: hunting geese: opportunity for 'heavy' retrieving

Delizia has been very busy. The past couple of weeks she has been in the field besides Marieke and Klaas Hindriks, hunting for pheasant hare and mallard. She really starts to get the hang of pointing and retrieving. But mallards and even hare are easy to carry. The real challenge came when Delizia followed Klaas and Marieke hunting geese. But even this wasn't a big problem for the Vicini field-star. She readily found the birds that were shot and carried them over the canal to the hunters.

27-11-2006: photos Italy online

The photos of our trip to Italy are online. The web-photographer couldn't come, but luckily we were offered the photos taken by some of our fellow travellers. Many thanks for that. The trip was an unforgettable experience. Not only for us and our travelling companions, but also for the paricipating dogs. They had a great time on the fields around Savona. Click here or on extra, for the photo-report.

20-11-2006: Italy 2006: a trip to remember

The Italian study-trip of Vicini in corporation with the Dutch Bracco Club has been a great success. After a very intensive four days the group agreed that the trip had been very enjoyable and educational. Dog owners who had entered their dog for the training and hunting program were put to the test during several field training sessions with life quails and a real pheasant and partridge hunt. The onlookers could participate in the exitement through the explanation by Gianpaolo Poggio, translated from Italian by Sylvia Brinkman. Next to the program there was ample time to enjoy 'la dolce vita', with great food and wine. More later

13-11-2006: best in show: clean sweep for Axel

He was cool, calm and collected as he entered the ring for best of show on the world dog show in Poznan. And rightfully so, because Axel del Monte Alago, father of Isotta's eleven puppies, was voted Best in Show, which meant the best dog in a lineup of 21,000 dogs. Bitte Ahrens was over the moon with the result. Hopefully Axel's babies will follow in his footsteps.

12-11-2006: Axel BOB on World dog show Poznan

Axel del Monte Alago, the father of Isotta's puppies, was voted best Bracco Italiano at the World dog Show in Poznan, Poland. Axel's sister Asia del Monte Alago, owned by Gianpaolo Poggio, was voted best bitch. There was also Dutch success with a victory in the veteran class for Valentino, owned by Sonja Weber and Oscar Elbring.

04-10-2006: 'hangout' for Italy-travellers

With little over a month left before we leave for Italy, many of the participants are getting anxious. The president of the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club thought it a good idea to open a weblog on the club's website where the future travel companions can meet and share the anticipation. The weblogs on the site are usually strictly for members. But the president has made an exeption for everyone who is joining us to Savona. If you want to participate on the weblog and you aren't a member, send an e-mail with your request to this address: braccoitaliano@een-goed-idee.nl

30-09-2006: Westernieland: impressed by braccos

Delizia, sister Gaeta and Marieke and Rommert impressed the judges at the field trials in Westernieland. Even though neither of the sisters was able to find birds in the fields of sugar beets, they searched accurately and were constantly in contact with their master. Both dogs got a three chances to show their stuff. In the review at the end of the trials the judges said they were impressed by Gaeta's and Delizia's work and with the serious and professional approach of their owners. He told them that he had really enjoyed watching the braccos work.

29-09-2006: tiny Houses in Kleine Huisjes

Within moments a village of Tiny Houses (which is the English translation of Kleine Huisjes, the name of our village) appeared on the terrace in our backyard. Bracco fanatic Ilonne came by for a visit and to show us the bird houses she imports from Sweden. The houses were nearly the right size for our puppies, who strolled through the streets of the tiny village. The entire collection of the bird houses is shown via this link.

14-09-2006: g'day from Diva

A special day for Vicini when Yvette, Chris and Blondie, one of their Bordeaux Dogs, came over to show their Bracco Diva. Nine months old Diva is going to be the first Bracco to live in Australia. Yvette and Chris aren't strangers to keeping dogs. They are well known breeders of the Bordeaux dog, having twenty dogs living around their veterenary clinic near Adelaide in South Australia.

02-09-2006: new date for trip to Italy

This November Vicini meets up with a group of bracco-fanatics to make a journey to the origin of our fantastic breed. Booking for the trip has begun. The trip won't be starting the 16th of november as previously advertised, but on wednesday the 15th. For more information, click here.

01-09-2006: Delizia: perfect hips and elbows

Hips HDA and elbows ED-free, is the verdict of the Dutch Kennel Club: after studying the hip- and elbowphotos which were taken of Delizia by Egidius Wientjes. The verdict is a confirmation that Delizia has very healthy joints. Marieke is very pleased with the results. ‘I already expected good results, but until you have a verdict you never are 100% sure.

01-09-2006: puppies are doing great

the puppies and Isotta are still going strong. Isotta is regaining her appetite and the puppies are growing fast and becoming very active. Several times per day we keep track of the development of the puppies and everything that is happening in and around the whelping box. Stay up to date by clicking here, or on the 'puppy-log'-button.

14-08-2006: Reunion puppies Giulia

Right in between two rainy and dreary days the sun shone and the temperature rose. Beautiful weather on a beautiful day: the reunion of Guilia's puppies. Five of the eight puppies went on a walk in Lauwersoog. After that the puppies took a nap in the sun while the owners of Max, Gaeta, Figlia and Tello enjoyed an Italian buffet. The very best regards to the puppies who couldn't attend: Brego (on holiday), Stella and Romeo (in the US). And many thanks to Hans and Sylvia for displaying their culinary skills and for the wonderful gifts Sylvia (who owns Giulia) had made for the puppies.

06-08-2006: combination online

As an addition to the information on Isotta's weblog we have now placed the breeding combination of Isotta x Axel with pedigrees online. Isotta is doing well, she is growing steadily. Read more on her weblog.

04-08-2006: Duca moves house

It started with a short period of staying over and ended up in a new place to live for Duca. He now lives with Dick and Ineke Ferwerda in Friesland. The Vicini-girls will miss him, as will we. Everyone loved Duca. But regretfully the periods when our bitches came into season always meant a problem for Duca. With Ineke and Dick, Duca has found the perfect place to live. He gets all the attention he wants and is on the trot for three hours or more, every day. Duca has also found his sea legs as he joins his new house mates for short and long vacations on their ship on the Dutch waterways. An big bonus for us is that Duca's new home in Mantgum is only a short drive away from Kleine Huisjes. So a visit is always easy to arrange.

30-07-2006: Isotta's weblog online

Isotta's weblog is online. Yesterday we placed the first messages on the log. During the weeks until the delivery we will place a message on the log every couple of days, to keep you posted about how Isotta and we are coping. Click here for a direct connection to the log. Or use the circle on the top right corner on the homepage.

29-07-2006: Franco Costa: famous visitor at Vicini

This afternoon the well known artist Franco Costa payed Vicini a visit for some lunch and to see the dogs. Franco was accompanied by his good friend Sylvia Brinkman, who owns Giulia Locatelli. Marieke, who met Franco during her last trip to Italy, was very happy with Franco's visit. 'It doesn't happen every day that you have lunch with such a well known artist, in your own backyard. He came by to deliver a painting that Sylvia gave me.' Franco is especially famous in the nautical society. His name is connected to all of the big sailing events, like the America's Cup and the Volvo Ocean race. His graphic style makes his word very much suited for posters and logos, as many examples testify. Franco was impressed by the beauty of the Bracco Italiano. But he wouldn't say if there is ever going to be a bracco featuring in one of his paintings. www.francocosta.it

23-07-2006: Isotta pregnant

The scan last week confirmed our hopes: Isotta is pregnant. The delivery is expected around the end of August. As to be expected from Vicini, we will start our weblog in a few days time to keep you informed about the last weeks of pregnancy, the birth of the puppies and their first weeks. Keep an eye on our news-page for more information.

21-07-2006: Giulia moves in with her babysitter

Giulia Locatelli has moved house. She went to live with Sylvia Brinkman in Groningen, who during the past years has taken care of Giulia during holidays. The departure of Giulia doesn't mean that we won't be seeing her anymore. Giulia and Sylvia are regular guests and the role of babysitter has been reversed. It is however questionable if this will happen very often, as Sylvia and Giulia form an inseparable couple.

18-07-2006: Hipscore: Delizia goes first

The puppies from Giulia's litter, last year January, are old enough now to have their hips examined. This week Delizia had her photos taken. She stayed very calm when vet Egidius Wientjes x-rayed the hips and elbows. We don't have the final results yet, but the first impressions are promising.

29-06-2006: Princess Pleun, new friend for Max

'Our little princess is born!' With a little paper crown as a birth announcement card, Ineke, Anthony and Max announced the arrivel of a new family member: Pleun, who was born on June 24. Mother and Pleun are doing well. Many congratulations from Vicini to the happy family.

15-06-2006: Good show-results for descendants Rivana

The descendants of Gianpaolo Poggio's Rivana are doing well in the show circuit. Daughter Asia, who stayed in Kleine Huisjes with owner Gianpaolo and Rivana, won the prize for best young dog and best bitch at a SABI-show in Italy. Asia's brother Axel (photo) did even better. At the European Championship show in Helsinki, he won best of breed, best of group 7 and became runner-up best in show.

25-05-2005: puppies for Sadie and Ralph

Sadie (Gabbana di Ala d'Oro x Burt), one of the braccos of Ralph Minnitte in Nevada, has given birth to eight puppies: four males, four females. Mother and puppies are doing well.

24-05-2006: Grazie mille Paolo!

This morning Paolo Poggio returned horme to Savona. During his visit he has been mainly occupied with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Dutch Bracco Italiano Club, on which we will report later. Paolo's youngest bracco, Asia, won the title best in show. To do this she had to beat her own mother. The once invincible Rivana del Monte Alago. During the rest of his stay, Paolo visited his Dutch friends and did some sightseeing. Marieke, Jeroen and Rommert Hazenberg waved him goodbye when he left for Italy. Grazie mille Paolo!

18-05-2006: Poggio, Rivana en Asia on tour

After a 800 mile drive Gianpaolo Poggio and his braccos Rivana and Asia, arrived at Vicini del Monastero in Kleine Huisjes. Marieke was very pleased with the visitors. 'I am honoured that Gianpaolo took the effort of such a long trip just to pay us a visit.' Gianpaolo and his braccos are special guests on the 10 year anniversary of the Dutch Bracco Club, next sunday

25-04-2006: Steenbergen: hares spoil Gaeta's run

A little hill with resting Hares in the fields around Steenbergen, broke the concentration of Gaeta during the field trials held in the south of the country. Owner Rommert Hazenberg claimed that the hares were the reason for Gaeta's not scoring. Delizia had a slow start, but with a little guidance by the judge, she managed to perform well. Like Gaeta, she didn't score a point, however.

07-04-2006: No puppies for Isotta

'Isotta is empty', was the conclusion veteranian Egidius Wientjes drew, after a thourough examination. Further plans for a mating haven't been yet.

The cause of the delay in bringing the news were technical problems. During a period of time we were not able to make any changes to the website.

02-03-2006: Back from Italy, mating successful

The waiting has begun. Marieke, Rommert Hazenberg, Isotta, Pandora, Gaeta and Delizia have returned from Italy, packed with bags full of mimosa, carcioffi (baby-artichokes) and lots of other Italian delicacies. The mating of Reno and Isotta was successful. Thanks to Vittoria and Gianpaolo Poggia, the stay was also a success. Besides the mating there was time for some training in the field. Especially Gaeta and Delizia showed a lot of promise with multiple points on birds.

25-02-2006: Isotta declines invitation Dog of the Year

Dutch champion Isotta dei Vicini del Monastero is not entering the arena at the Dog of the Year show, held this year on February 26 in Amersfoort. Competitors on this show are invited after having been selected by comparing show-results during the past year. Despite being invited Marieke and Isotta had to decline. 'All due to bad timing', as Marieke explained. They had already planned a trip to Gianpaolo Poggio in Savona, Italy, for a mating and field trial-training.

10-02-2006: Eleven puppies for Gemma and Valero

After a successful mating with Valero, Gemma Compratriota di Bonfini has given birth to eleven puppies. Old news, because the puppies were born on the 21st of January, in Germany. Recently, Dieter Brinkmann, who ownes Gemma, opened a website with news and photos of the litter. Click here for more information.

06-02-2006: Eindhoven: Isotta B.O.B. and champion

The International Dogshow in Eindhoven went very well for Isotta. On friday the 3rd she was declared Best Of Breed. Besides the trophy, this title also ment that she received the final point she needed to become Dutch Champion.

30-01-2006: Delizia strapped in

Delizia has taken her first steps in her braga, a harness designed to correct her pace. The braga was specially made for Delizia by Gianpaolo Poggio. Braccos ar trained to work in trot, in stead of gallop. After a few hesitant steps Delizia soon got the hang of the braga. After a few moments she happily trotted away, hardly noticing the straps tied to her feet.

02-01-2006: puppies Giulia and Valentino one year old

Giulia's puppies are celebrating their first birthday today. The owners of the birthday-dogs have been busy sending e-mails to each other, with congratulations. Each of the young dogs celebrated in their own way. Romeo treated himself and his master to a limit of six chukars (photo below) and Figlia (above photo) received a very weird birthday present. Romeo, Tello, Stella, Max, Brego, Gaeta, Figlia and your masters: many happy returns from sister Delizia and Vicini.

20-12-2005: new link for bracco-tifosi

Vicini has placed a link of the website ilbraccoitaliano.net. Owners Massimiliano Di Lorenzo (photo) and Fabio Casseti have much to offer for bracco-tifosi. It has a very informative historic section and a forum where bracco-people meet.

01-12-2005: hedgehog-terrorism in Kleine Huisjes

Over the last few days Delizia has developed into a radical hedgehog-terrorist. Twice this week she brought in a rolled-up hedgehog in the kitchen. Where this strange fascination for prickly objects comes from, is a mistery. But it does prove that the youngest of the Vicini-clan is a talented and passionate retriever. The hedgehogs were unharmed and went on their way after being released.

12-11-2005: no puppies for Isotta

A great disappointment and tears for Marieke, when she heard that Isotta isn't pregnant. The litter would have been born in the beginning of December. Next spring Isotta will be mated again.

29-10-2005: Vicini returns from Nevada: a trip to remember

'It was worth every minute in the plane', said Marieke when she returned home after a two week visit to Ralph, Barrie, Romeo and the other braccos in Gerlach, Nevada. 'Ralph and Barrie welcomed us with open arms and did everything they could to make this a trip we will never forget. Not only did we have a wonderful time, we had also the opportunity to see Romeo in action during several chukar hunts. Barrie and Ralph: many thanks for your hospitality.' Click here for more photos.

11-10-2005: clubmatch: dissapointing results Vicini-braccos

The Vicini-braccos didn't do well at the anual clubmatch, held this sunday. Despite the poor results, the day was a success and gave ample opportunities to meet up with kindred spirits. Best in show was Miuccia Prada di Ala D'Oro.

09-10-2005: Romeo gets the hang of it

Less than a week before Vicini is paying a visit to the Minnitte's in Nevada, Romeo has retrieved his first chuckar. Ralph Minnitte reports: 'Romeo was being Romeo, just hanging around. When I shot the chukar, Romeo lucked out and the chukar landed right by him. He retrieved it and was a very happy boy.'

05-10-2005: Mating Isotta and Reno successful

Marieke and Rommert received a warm welcome by Paolo and Victoria Poggio in Savona, when they arrived for the mating of Isotta and Reno di Monte Alago. In the end Marieke choose Isotta over Pandora for the mating, which couldn't have taken place if it wasn't for the help of Paolo. So Paolo: 'Grazie di aver diviso la tue passione per i bracchi con noi.'

20-09-2005: Isotta points and gets a point

Isotta earned her first field trial-qualification at the field trials in Andelst. She was accompanied by Klaas Hindriks who entered the competition with his nine months old small Münsterlander-bitch Bente. Barbara and Rommert, the owner of Gaeta, were there to cheer Isotta while she pointed a pheasant and earned her long awaited qualification.

18-09-2005: Good results Children Pandora

Isotta and Laura Biagiotto di Ala d’Oro were successful at the international dog show in Maastricht. The daughters of Pandora came first and second in the category best bitch. Laura went on to become best of breed and runner up in group seven (pointing dogs). Isotta gained gained another championshipspoint with her runner up-position, because Laura is already a Dutch champion.

12-09-2005: Delizia and Giulia visit Berlin

Delizia and Giulia have just returned from visiting Tello in Berlin. They were welcomed with open arms by the Engler family. After a walk in the green surroundings of Berlin and dropping of the pedigree of Tello, there was some time left for a visit of Berlin's city centre.

06-09-2005: Daughter Duca visits Kleine Huisjes

Dorabella, Duca's daughter, visited Kleine Huisjes last sunday. The visit was much appreciated by Vicini. Duca didn't really bother. It was Dorabella's first encounter with a group of braccos. But after some acclimitisation she did very well.

28-08-2005: Results Isotta and Delizia in Rotterdam

Delizia and Isotta have done well at the international Dog Show in Rotterdam. Delizia had a walk-over in her first round, as she was the only bracco-puppy in show. She did however, receive the best possible qualification. Amidst the puppies of all the breeds in show, Delizia did very well. She became first runner up. Isotta was first runner up in the bitches division. She was beaten by Laura Biagiotti di Ala d'Oro, like Isotta, a daughter of Pandora. Because Laura is already Dutch champion, the championship point went to Isotta.

22-08-2005: Re-placed Bruno visits Vicini

His name used to be Droopy, he had to be re-placed, was lovingly welcomed in the home of Carolien and Oscar, and was renamed Bruno. Last weekend Carolien, Oscar and Bruno visited Kleine Huisjes. Despite the presence three other male dogs: Duca and two obtrusive brothers of Isotta, Bruno coped more than well. He wasn't nervous and he was full of confidence in his new masters. Bruno, Carolien and Oscar show that re-placing a grown bracco can be successful. About six weeks ago a request for re-placing Bruno was received by the Bracco Italiano Club. Through the combined efforts of two bracco-kennels and the club, a new home was found.

herplaatste Bruno bezoekt Vicini

Hij heette Droopy, moest worden herplaatst, werd liefdevol opgevangen door Carolien en Oscar, en heet nu Bruno. Afgelopen weekeinde bezochten Carolien, Oscar en Bruno Kleine Huisjes. Ondanks de opdringerige aanwezigheid van reu Duca en twee logerende jonge reuen (Valero en Jutter), weerde Bruno zich kranig. Geen zenuwen, geen overdreven verlatingsangst en vol vertrouwen in zijn nieuwe baasjes. Bruno, Carolien en Oscar stralen in alles uit dat het herplaatsen van een volwassen bracco soms een succesverhaal is. Het verzoek tot herplaatsen van Bruno werd ruim anderhalve maand geleden gedaan bij de Bracco Italiano Club. Via de contacten van de verschillende fokkers werd er voor Bruno snel een nieuw onderdak gevonden.

31-07-2005: another mouth to feed for Vicini

The dogs have some new company. They were already used to have a cate sharing their beds. But now they have to be prepared for a second cat. This time a male cat and slightly bigger than Tom Poes -eventually, that is-. Ollie B is a Maine Coon, one of the biggest cat-breeds around.

13-07-2005: Romeo passes rattlesnake avoiding class

While most owners of a Vicini-puppy take their dog to obedience class to teach them some manners, Ralph and Barrie Minnitte take things a bit further. Recently Romeo was tought how to avois rattlesnakes. Not a bad thing if you live in the Nevada desert, where rattlers are very common.

25-06-2005: pedigrees puppies Giulia have arrived

The Dutch kennelclub has issued and agreed to the pedigrees of the puppies of Giulia and Valentino. The certificates have been sent to the owners. The owners in Germany, and the US have also received a foreign registration certificate.

09-06-2005: very good first results hipscore

The first results of the hipscore of Pandora's litter (Sept. 2003) are very good. Isotta, Valero and Jutter all scored an A, the best possible result. The result of the hipscore is added to the individual pages of all of Pandora's descendants.

06-06-2005: many thanks to Eukanuba ambassadors

The weekend in Austria was very pleasant. Not only because of the good results, but also because of the hospitality of the Eukanuba ambassadors. Eukanuba had arranged a hotel were dogs were welcome and had taken care of meals for the dogs and owners. There were also nice and useful presents for the participants. The warm welcome by the Eukanuba ambassadors made this weekend even more pleasant, said Marieke who wants to thank the ambassadors for their efforts.

05-06-2005: Tulln: good results Isotta and Delizia

Isotta and Delizia did well on the European dog-show in Tulln, Austria. Isotta became best bitch in the open class. Delizia had a walkover in the puppy class, being the only contender. More importantly was her qualification: very promising. Marieke looks back at the show with a good feeling. 'Isotta did very well, but I am even happier about Delizia. Not just because of the very good qualification, but also because of the relaxed and happy way she moved through the ring during her debut on a show.'

29-05-2005: Isotta comes ninth in Berghem

On the second day of the dog show in Berghem, Isotta was less successful than earlier. In the line-up for Best in Show she finished ninth, among other winners of gun-dog groups. Despite this final result, Marieke looked back satisfied. 'Isotta is a very young dog -20 months- and has already won her group. That must show promise for the future.'

28-05-2005: Berghem: Isotta first in group 7

Isotta has done well on the first day of the international dog show in Berghem. It wasn't a big surprise that she won the bracco-group, as she was the only Bracco Italiano on the show. Therefore she had to wait until the Pointer-group line-up, to show her quality. She won this group. Later this day Isotta will have to return to the ring for the Best of Show-roundup. Marieke and Isotta were cheered by the Hazenberg family, owners of Gaeta. They gracefully offered Marieke a bed in Vianen, so she doesn't have to make the five hour round trip from Kleine Huisjes to Berghem, twice in two days.

24-05-2005: Delizia officially socialised

Last monday Delizia finished her socialisation training for which she received an official certificate. Not a world shocking achievement, but certainly something that comes along only once in a lifetime, according to Marieke. 'A dog is only a puppy once, isn't she?'

13-05-2005: 'X-ray party' for Vicini-dogs

The hips of four of the Vicini-dogs from the Pandora-litter were x-rayed at veteranary clinic Hopmans, by Egidius Wientjes. An 'x-ray party', said the owner of Saartje, one of the dogs that was checked. It is doubtful if the dogs concidered the x-raying a party as there is a lot of pulling and stretching going on in the process. According to Egidius, the results were very positive. All the photos showed beautiful hips.

27-04-2005: photos Italy online

It has been a while since the Dutch delegation returned from the SABI clubmatch in Volta Mantovana, Italy. The photos we received recently are worth having a look at, nontheless. The delegation consisted of Jaap Muller and Tina Steffens of the Di Ala d'Oro-kennel, Marieke and bracco-fanatic and photographer Dick Mientjes. Click here to view the photos.

22-04-2005: bracco-head above the door

From today the Witherenweg 26 has a bracco-head above the door as an unmistakable sign that bracco's are kept and bred under this roof. The bronze head was designed by Tina Steffens. The background was made by Piet van der Merwe who also attached the head to the house-front. Many thanks to both.

15-04-2005: bracco-battery in full swing

The puppies of Rivana del Monte Alago and owner Gianpaolo Poggio, are doing well. They have started to use the bracco-feeding battery that Gianpaolo designed and constructed. How well the battery functions, Gianpaolo doesn't tell us. But on other photos it becomes clear that the puppies after a while become very interested in what's happening in the neighbouring compartment.

12-04-2005: Dutch do well in Italy

The Dutch competitors in the yearly SABI-clubmatch or raduno, did well this year. As mentioned earlier Duca and Isotta became third in their class. Nebbia Gucci of the Di Ala d'Oro-kennel won the champions-class. Her sister Gabbana was runner-up in the open class. Castellano di Ala d'Oro, owned by Dick Mientjes, became first in the puppy-class. The field trial on sunday went less well for the Dutch. Isotta was too distracted by the Italian hares. Duca respected the hares and showed some beautiful trotting. But despite the nice work, he didn't manage to find any birds. Later on this site: a photo-impression of the raduno.

10-04-2005: first result SABI clubmatch

Both Isotta and Duca have done well on the first day of the SABI clubmatch in Volta Mantovana, Italy. During the show on saturday, Isotta and Duca both became third in their class. More later.

06-04-2005: Steenbergen: no point for Isotta

Isotta and Marieke didn't manage to score a point during the field trial in Steenbergen. She was too much occupied with the hares on the field where she was working. Delizia had a little reunion with her sister Gaeta. Owner Rommert Hazenberg had brought Gaeta to Steenbergen to find out what field trials are all about.

26-03-2005: GianPaolo tests first bracco-battery

GianPaolo Poggio from Savona in Italy, regularly sends us updates on the developments around his seven puppies and mother Rivana del Monte Alago. He sent us a photo of the first bracco feeding-battery he invented. Every puppy gets his own compartment for feeding. The invention hasn't been tested yet, because the puppies are stil suckling. But GianPaolo promised us a report as soon as the puppies start battery-feeding.

21-03-2005: puppy-pages are online

The puppy-log is no longer being updated. But it is possible to follow the development of the puppies. Yesterday the puppy-pages went online. These pages contain photos of the pups that were born in Kleine Huisjes. The pages are filled with photos and reports by the owners and can be reached by clicking the descendants-button.

20-03-2005: Bracco Italiano in Italië Magazine

The spring edition of Italië Magazine, a Dutch magazine on Italy, brings an article on Arie van Engelenhove and his braccos. The article is written by Jeroen Schoondergang who also edits this website.

20-02-2002: puppy introduction-page online

The introduction-page is online. On this page there are photos of the eight puppies, their names and a short description. Today the puppies will be tested.The introduction-page can be reached by clicking here, or by clicking the puppy info-button on the right.

08-02-2005: Giotto deceased

This afternoon Giotto died. He was nearly twelve years old. To commemorate Giotto we made a special web-page dedicated to his life.

15-01-2005: Puppies open their eyes

The puppies that were born on 2 January are starting to open their eyes. They are steadily putting on weight; both puppies and mother Giulia are doing all. On puppy-log the first weeks in the life of the puppies is covered in detail.

09-01-2005: icecold greetings from Nevada

Ralph Minnitte sends his regards from an icecold Nevada. The photos he sent show an ice- and snow-covered Gerlach. The owner of Sadie who gave birth to puppies after being mated with Duca, is still hunting. Sadie and the remaining puppy Alena are preparing themselves for the last three weeks of chukar-hunting.