12-11-2009: mister green showing the garden

The pups are feeling very confident outside. They even venture in the back section where the big dogs like to play. 'Mister green' takes us on a little tour from the back section towards the house.

02-11-2009: breakfast 'al fresco'

The pups enjoy discovering new places. Weather permitting we feed them outside. The pups think feeding time is a real happening. With loud noises they let us know how much they enjoy being outside.

30-10-2009: strolling through the enclosure

The pups are in their fifth week. Only three weeks left until they are moving to their new owners. At the moment they are perfectly happy in their enclosure though as Marijke shows us in this clip that she shot this morning.

28-10-2009: getting used to the shot

One of the worst things that can happen to a gundog is shyness for the shot. Our preferred method of preventing this is to give the pups a positive association with the shot, at a very early age. While the puppies are enjoying one of the highlights of their day, the bowl with food, Marieke fires a couple of shots with her alarm gun. The pups obviously notice the noise, but the lure of the food keeps them concentrated on the important and nice things in life.

27-10-2009: the pups also on video

It was was a very good idea from 'kennel-help' Marijke. She thought it was fun to make a short film-clip of the pups who had just woken up and started to harass each other. it was an idea that deserves a followup. So from now we will regularly post clips of the pups progress.